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It’s the lightest mouse in the world… And the most expensive: 24g and 300€

There are many mice on the market, as many as you can imagine, but at the high end there are really very few and they are worth it… Less. Therefore, a German brand that you may not know as it is Zaunkoenig wanted to go further regardless of the price by launching its new mouse M2K, which is not only the lightest in the world, but also currently the most expensive. And the two characteristics, price and weight, are given because the M2K is made of carbon fiber.

Keep in mind that most mice seek performance in sensors, buttons, spring systems, and ultimately weight. But for some time this element, the weight, is more decisive than ever, since all the above is worthless if you cannot reduce it and be faster. But the Zaunkoenig case is another story.

Zaunkoenig M2K, the hollow mouse in carbon fiber and 8000 Hz

Well, to achieve accuracy and speed, as they say, a minimum weight is needed and a sensor capable of achieving 1:1 accuracy. But on top of that you need tiny dimensions. Well, that’s precisely what the M2K offers, with only 24 grams of final weight and a length of 79mm, what would be a mini mouse of a lifetime turns out to be the deadliest weapon we could have for gaming.

This mouse incorporates the famous sensor Pixart PMW3360described by professional players as “the best sensor in history”, but also if we add a key characteristic like an exceptional polling rate, then we have a killer that will win us games as soon as we are fast.

side zaukoenig-mk2

And it is that only two mice equal the performance of this one on paper and in terms of polling rate: the Razer Viper 8K Hz and the CORSAIR Saber RGB PRO. East Zaunkonig M2K gets 8000Hz with a response time of 0.125msan authentic madness that includes to its credit the MCU ARM fastest available. It is made by STMicroelectronics and is normally used for military drones, as it runs at nothing less than 216MHz.

Therefore, the polling rate is calculated in real time. It’s so fast that it can drive the game jerky, as they say, crazy.

Lowest latency ever


The folks at Optimum Tech were able to time the end-to-end latency, with impressive values ​​of only 13.5ms. Not that it’s a palpable difference for a normal gamer, since premium mice are usually between 14ms and 15ms, but given the competitiveness here, it’s remarkable that a small company ends up beating the big ones, even if it’s ‘is at the cost level of a higher value.

But that’s not all, since the main clicks are made up of two switches OMRON D2F01F, also considered one of the best of all time. Of course, “only” they will last 10 millions clicks, but we ensure the best performance.


Finally we have its price, which is in 300 euro and you can acquire it by purchasing said mouse from its official website.

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