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its ARC A730M is faster than the RTX 3070M

They gave him up for dead, fallen at the feet of his rivals, with no hope of overcoming adversity and instead the first time he had to show his potential, here he is, battling with the range medium-high graphics cards and , however without making too much noise. The ARC A730M surprised in 3DMark to an entire NVIDIA RTX 3070, how close are they? Well, not too much, but if Intel is right with the drivers… Be careful.

Back in China on the Weibo forum and as reported by our colleagues at VideoCardz, a leaker known as Golden Pig Upgrade has revealed what is officially the first score for Intel’s mid-range graphics card for laptops. And we can’t say that it’s precisely slow.

Over 10,000 Points in 3DMark Time Spy: Is the ARC A730M the Big Cover?

Intel-ARC-A730M Laptop

Well, it could perfectly be, because what was scored while it was still in the sampling phase (at least on paper) is commendable when you take into account that the RTX 3070 is already a veteran with well-polished drivers by NVIDIA:

With 10,107points It manages to outperform its rival by more than 500 points on average, which would indicate that it is actually closer to the RTX 3070 Ti Mobile than its little sister. It’s not surprising if we talk about a desktop GPU, but in laptops it’s a different story, because reductions and consumption limits are a stumbling block that the blue team seemed unable to overcome.

In addition, it is necessary to have the chip that integrates this GPU, since it has “only” 24 Xe coreswhich leaves a more than interesting power margin for the rest of the models.

Intel could give the 115-watt RTX 3070 Ti the sorpasso


The funny thing about all of this is that since NVIDIA allows manufacturers to adjust the TDP or TGP, depending on the manufacturer, of their laptop’s graphics card, sometimes the RTX 3070 Ti with just 115 thermal headroom watts ends up being slower than it is ARC A730M. A casuistry that will put more than one in mind, since there are still months left for the presentation of the RTX 40 and many more for the Mobile versions, so Intel can compete for a while here.

Indeed, and although we know that it is not scalable as such, the A770Mwhich represents the complete chip ACM-G10 with its 32 Xe cores, this would mean a consumption of between 120 watt and 150 watt (from 80 to 120 watts the protagonist A730M of this article), which leaves us a margin of about one 30% as much as possible speed or general power in games.

If this is true to a greater or lesser extent, one could speak of an even more surprising performance than that of this ARC A730M for laptops in 3DMark, since the A770 could be placed above the RTX 3080 and very close to the RTX 3080 Ti and possibly head-to-head with the RX 6800M.


If that’s the case, of course, Intel would be competing across the board against NVIDIA and AMD, at virtually the same power and with a very similar node, coming in through the front door and giving the surprise in a tournament that no one did not consider victorious. .

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