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It is the first chip that transmits data by sound waves

We report again one of these news that interests us, as if it did not come from the field of research. And this is the first chip computer that allows the transmission Data through sound waves instead of electrons. This chip shows a great interest in the sector of the quantum computing.

Some researchers from Harvard managed to control and modulate sound waves on a chip for the first time in history. This is a change from standard data transmission using electronic modulation. For this reason, they are beginning to see great future uses for this technology, applied to signals of microwavequantum networks and interfaces within the chip itself.

The new chip that works by acoustic waves replaces the one that works by electrons

Quantum computation Electrons Classical computation

Computer chips in conventional computing transmit and process data by modulating electrons. This is achieved, thanks to transistors which encode the data in the language binary, ones and zeros, representing high current and low current. On the other hand, photonic chipsmodulate photons or light particles, before sending them to the waveguides which transmit the data.

The Harvard researchers’ sound wave chip works similarly to the photonic chip mentioned above, but with advantage Additional. And it is that, although the acoustic waves be more slow that the electromagnetic at equal frequency, they are easier to confine to full-size structures. at the nanoscale. Moreover, they have strong interactions with the system where they are confined, and can be very useful in classical and quantum computing.

“Acoustic waves show promise as on-chip information carriers, both for processing quantum information as with the classic, but the development of acoustic ICs has been hampered by the inability to control acoustic waves in a scalable, low-loss way,” he said. Marko Loncarprofessor of electrical engineering at SEAS.

Chip that transmits data via sound waves promises to be a breakthrough in quantum computing

Quantum computation of chip sound waves

If we consider the classic computing as the binary system read by partsones and zeros (ANDWHERE NOT), quantum computing is based on qubitwhich can be 1, 0 or 1 and 0 at the same time. Thus, it is possible to do calculations much faster, using a quantum computer. Aware of the importance of progress in this area, Harvard researchers say that this chip represents a breakthrough in the use of acoustic waves.

While previous hearing aids were Passiveswith the electrical modulation they can actively connect to it. Thus, it is possible to develop many functionalities in future microwave signal processing using these acoustic devices. asset. To achieve this, Loncar and his team used lithium niobatethus building a electroacoustic modulator on the chip and thus control the sound waves of the chip.

“The team’s work paves the way for high-performance acoustic wave-based devices and circuits for signal processing of microwave of the next generation, as well as networks and quantum interfaces on the chip that connects different types of quantum systems,” said limbo shaopostdoctoral fellow at SEAS.

And while this may all seem a long way off, quantum computing might be closer than we think. And it is that at the beginning of this month, the company Quantum computing on silicon, builds the first integrated circuit of a quantum computer manufactured on an atomic scale. its director, michelle simonsays that the Commercial products quantum computing could happen in 5 years.

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