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invests 1,000 million to bring its cloud

Google, the tech giant, has announced that it will put a cloud service in a new region. Although the first thing we can expect is that it is a first world country, we find the opposite. And that’s it, Google Cloud will create a service in South Africa as part of your investment plan $1 billion on the African continent. This will allow users to be able to store their data in-country and have their own system in more advanced countries, although this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Google has been offering its cloud services in various countries for quite some time now. At the moment it has a total of 35 cloud regions this blanket 106 sectors all over the world, including countries like India, Qatar, Australia That is Canada. Under the name of Google Cloud, this platform aims to be able to provide services in the cloud such as data storage, key management or cloud computing. From now on, these services will reach a country of the Third WorldWhat Africathanks to a billion dollar investment from Google in the country.

Google chooses South Africa as the continent’s first cloud region

South Africa Google

As reported BloombergGoogle Cloud’s next goal is to deploy its cloud services on the African continent, choosing South Africa as the seat of infrastructure that will bring this technological breakthrough to life, even if it will not be limited to this area alone. According Niral PatelDirector of Google Cloud Africa, users will have the ability to choose where they want to store their data and where they want to use cloud services.

Patel added that through Google Cloud, customers and partners in Africa will be able to take advantage of many of the technologies offered for their businesses. Examples of these are artificial intelligencethe ability to machine learning and machine learning, data analysis to make decisive business decisions and even cloud computing services. It makes it clear that they “give customers a choice of where they want to store their data” because now we’ll see that it all comes to an end.

The cloud in South Africa will enable respect for the country’s sovereignty laws

traffic money laws in south africa

Here is the main reason, because it is the laws on the data sovereignty in africa, the reason why Google Cloud is going to impose its services in the South African region. And it is that, companies are required to store data within their borders, so this service is ideal. In NigeriaFor example, telephone companies have prohibited from sending government information or customers abroad. But we should not focus only on this aspect, since there is a very important one that we have not commented on.

It’s the fact that Google Cloud in the South Africa region will create more than 40,000 jobs and will contribute over $2,100 million to the country’s economy in 2030. However, you are not alone as Google Cloud will be competing with microsoft Yes Amazon web service to bring cloud services and accelerate the economy to the African continent.

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