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Internet Too Slow: This DSL Speed Test Gets Money Back From The Provider

Internet Too Slow: This DSL Speed Test Gets Money Back From The Provider

Internet connections are always advertised with maximum speeds, often not achieved in practice. For a long time, consumers were left alone on this topic. But now you can get money back from the provider if your Internet connection is too slow. The Federal Network Agency provides free broadband measurement software for this purpose, and it is how she is served.

“Up to 50 MBit/s”, “Up to 200 MBit/s”, or “Up to 1 GBit/s”, but mostly only the speed values ​​​​are emphasized; the addition “Up to” is often used in advertising shown less conspicuously for Internet landline connections. But that is precisely the problem that many users struggle with. They would like to have a super-fast connection, but that is not available for everyone. Nevertheless, as a customer, you should pay the total price.

There have already been options to reduce payments to the provider or cancel the contract if the service was correspondingly poor. For those affected, however, it wasn’t straightforward. However, an amendment to the Telecommunications Act makes it easier for users to reduce payments to the provider if the connection does not deliver what it promises. It must be taken into account, and this is how you measure the speed correctly.

Correctly Measure An Internet Connection That Is Too Slow

The Internet connection is always felt too slow, but that doesn’t always have to be the provider’s fault. You can do two things in the Federal Network Agency’s broadband measurement program, which is free of charge: carry out an individual measurement of the Internet speed provided or start a targeted verification process.

The best way to get an overview is to take individual measurements and start a verification process. The latter was developed to provide targeted evidence of underperformance by the provider. With the measurement campaign, you take at least 30 measures on three different days.

, First, accept the data protection declaration in the broadband measurement and then select the item “To the verification procedure”.

Verification Procedure For Slow Internet Connection

The procedure provides that you take at least ten-speed measurements on at least three different days, i.e. collect 30 readings. First, it is best to click on “Complete user input” and check the provider and tariff information. Then the following steps must be observed:

Deactivate WLAN:

Do not take any measurements in the WLAN because the wireless networks are susceptible to interference. Therefore, measure a PC or Mac and use a LAN connection directly to the router.

No Network Brakes:

Your network hardware must not slow down the measurement. Example: You should measure a Gbit connection correctly. Then the network card must be at least as fast. Otherwise, you have a bottleneck in the system.

Power To The Notebook:

If you use a notebook to carry out the measurements, you should connect it to a power source to rule out braking caused by energy-saving modes.

Measure Only:

When you run the measurements, you should exit all other programs on the system. You should also remove all other network devices from the WLAN for the measurements.

Current Router:

Make sure that the WLAN router uses the latest firmware.

Turn off WiFi:

Turn off WiFi on the router and disconnect other LAN devices.

Disconnect VPN:

All redirection for data traffic must also be switched off, such as a VPN on the router.

If these requirements are met, click on “Perform measurement”. The tool checks again whether you do not measure in the WLAN or whether the network card could be a brake. With “Ok, noted”, you can get started.

Measurements with many pauses

You have to click through the measurement yourself, including the waiting time; there is no automatic function.

At the last second, a few new boundary conditions for the measurements crept in, which were not user-friendly. Size with the broadband test usually takes less than a minute, so that’s the way you want it. Download and upload are measured.

After each measurement, however, the tool tells you to wait at least 5 minutes until the subsequent size. There is no automatic system that takes over the entire measurement process at the touch of a button. You must start each measurement explicitly and tick off all the points required for the size beforehand.

But it gets even more complicated: There must be a break of three hours between the fifth and sixth measurement on a day. In addition, measures must be taken on three different days, and there must be at least one rest day between the measurement days.

The broadband test helps here because no one can remember the required measurements and pauses. Nevertheless, you are busy with it, so the discount with the provider has to be earned.

If at least 30 measurements have been taken, divided into ten on three different days, a measurement log is created in the program. The PDF document is digitally signed, and you can save it in a folder of your choice.

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