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Intel Xeon ‘Sapphire Rapids’ Processors Could Be Delayed Again

It looks like Intel is having some issues with their manufacturing process Intel 7 in the range of HEDT processors, i.e. its new generation of CPUs Scalable Intel Xeon under the code name of sapphire rapids. It was the company’s own representative, Sandra Rivera, who announced at the BofA Securities Global Technology Conference that mass production of Sapphire Rapids processors does not go as plannedcuriously enough, when he indicated that this process with Alder Lake broke all records by producing 15 million units, which reveals the complexity of the design of these CPUs.

While Intel already shipped the first units to customers a few months ago and these platforms are in validation, the company says it faces other non-process technology issues that Intel and its customers are dealing with. working. The company is spending more time on platform and product validation, which should lead to a later mass production ramp than originally planned.

Intel Sapphire Rapids processor with HBM2e memory
Intel Sapphire Rapids processor with HBM2e memory

“Right now we’re extending the platform and product validation time, so we’re seeing that Sapphire, you know, mass production is delayed from the timeframe we originally planned, but the demand is still very high. […]said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s AI and Data Center Group.

“One thing I didn’t mention about Sapphire is that it’s made using our 7 nanometer manufacturing process, so the process is pretty sound. In fact, Alder Lake, which is our customer segment product, reached 15 million units, I think we announced it in the first quarter results, making it the fastest growing customer product in almost a decade.

So the process is sound, the capability picture is good, but you know we have some of these other issues that we’re dealing with and the customers in this match who are still working through that.”

Intel Sapphire Rapids Processor Specifications

Intel Sapphire Rapids processors should offer a configuration of up to 56 cores and 112 processing threads under the architecture golden cove (same cores as Alder Lake) to a manufacturing process Intel 7.

These changes would involve 19% improvement in CPI performance compared to its predecessor Ice Lake-SP, in addition to access to a maximum of 105 MB of L3 cache, memory configuration support Octa(8)-DDR5 channel @ 4800 MHz, access to a maximum of 80x PCI-Express 5.0 lanes and a TDP of up to 350W.

In terms of performance, in its version with HBM2e memory, it is expected that triple performance current Intel Xeon processors based on the Ice Lake architecture in specific workloads. While the worst case scenario tells us they will double the performance.

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