Industry sources put expiration date at TSMC management in terms of advanced manufacturing processes, and it is estimated that Intel will take over the Taiwanese company at the end of 2024.

Basically, TSMC should initiate the process test the manufacture of its 2nm lithography in 2024hoping that in the second half of 2025, or even the end of 2025, the company can start mass production.

On the other hand, we expect that Intel begins mass production of its Intel 20A lithography (2 nm) during the first half of 2024During this time he Intel 18 (1.8nm) would arrive as soon as the second half of this yearsince the mass production of their most advanced manufacturing process announced to date was initially planned for 2025 but everything went so well that they managed to make significant progress, enough to be achieved by the end of the year take advantage of two manufacturing processes compared to its main rival.

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You have to remember Qualcomm will be one of Intel’s main customers to gain access to its Intel 20A lithograph, while official sources from the major graphics chip maker revealed Nvidia wants to turn to Intel as your future partner for chip production. Not to mention the rumors that even AMD could ironically see an ally in Intel to diversify its chip production by seeking greater wafer allocation with advanced manufacturing processes to increase the availability of its products.

via: MyDrivers