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Intel won’t allow internet connections without TLS on Core 13 processors

Another script twist at Intel and once again controversial like few others, as in its rush to secure its platforms, the company has just released a statement that is, at best, hard to digest for some companies. And it is that he has just announced that with the Core 13 will not allow network connections without having enabled TLS and also gives a delay.

Those who are a bit into secure networks are aware of the shift from SSL to TLS in cryptographic protocols for inter-network communications. With the former in complete disuse and having already provided businesses and individuals with compatibility with TLS for HTTPSwhy does Intel want to kill those PCs that don’t activate it with their Core 13?

Intel’s “recommendation” with TLS and the key date, launch of Core 14?

Intel Raptor Lake Cover Core 13 TLS

The statement isn’t very detailed, but it leaves some pretty interesting beads even for pure speculation, but mostly it focuses the conversation on what Intel sees as a problem: not using TLS on your Core 13:

We would like to inform you that support for non-TLS Intel® AMT and Intel® Standard Manageability network communications will soon be disabled starting with the release of our 13th Gen Intel Core processors. Non-TLS network communications may be less secure than TLS network communications because non-TLS network communications are not encrypted while TLS network communications are.

We have removed the option to choose non-TLS network communications to help us provide more secure solutions to customers. We recognize that this change may impact our partners and customers and want to help ensure a smooth transition. If you are currently using a non-TLS configuration for existing deployments, Intel recommends reconfiguring your Intel® AMT and Intel® Standard Manageability devices to use TLS-based security by March 31, 2023.

As we said, the statement leaves no room for doubt and leaves March 31 next year as the deadline. Will we have on the market on April 1 the Core 14? Well that’s highly unlikely as the Core 13 is expected to arrive after the summer and there wouldn’t be too much time to cushion the sale of those but maybe a few months later maybe to be around this time next year, it is more likely, taking advantage of assumptions ZEN 4C with 3D V-Coverat least according to the latest rumors.

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