As surprising as it may seem, Intel is following its roadmap for its Optane technology after selling it to SK Hynix. Why is this surprising now? Well, because lead developer and former Intel partner (Micron) retired from research and development over a year ago. So how are you going to launch New Intel memory and Optane SSD at the market? Well, using old chips to create third-generation memory and SSDs.

Last month, the Pat Gelsinger-led company surprised everyone with the aforementioned roadmap for Optane and many of us thought that where the catch was, since it had pulled its main partner in the segment and the market for these products, it made no sense to Avance. David Tuhy does not think the same thing and affirms that the company of which he is vice-president has Inventory currently from Dot X 3D during about two years.

The future of Intel Optane in memory and SSD

intel-optane-third generation

This means that the new generation (third to be precise) will be made with these chips and therefore would have nothing new under the hood, to the point that it will be fully compatible with the fourth and fifth generation Xeon processors, either having news here.

Therefore, it is expected that persistent memory and Optane-based SSDs don’t have such high prices as before and more accessible for Intel to permanently empty its stock, because in the end companies would buy a “refried” product with supposedly few improvements.

This stands in stark contrast to statements made by Pat Gelsinger when he sold that part of the business to SK Hynix, where he slipped that Intel never wanted to get into the memory business as such, where now we can all see how Intel is pulling out of this whole industry that it shouldn’t have been a company as such.

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