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Intel urges US and EU to compete with China and Taiwan together

The United States came out on top with their CHIPS for America Act and the truth is that the investment is really impressive. Europe came later and if there’s anything good about not coming first, it’s that you can see where your rival went wrong. The EU CHIPS law is a bit more ambitious in terms of timelines and commitments, so a common player on the scene has called for joining forces. Intel wants both “countries” (USA and EU) are working together to deal with the Asian threat that China and Taiwan together.

An Intel report from the hand of Riccardo Masucci and Greg Slater It is quite interesting and with the knowledge available to your company, the conclusions that the report launches are quite clear and could lead to greater rapprochement between the two economic powerhouses on this side of the world.

One story, two strategies: the largest transatlantic cooperation in the world


This is precisely what Intel proposes in its document, an alliance that faces such an enormous challenge as the supply of semiconductors, which, on the other hand, has already been shown to require the intervention of the state and government.

For this reason, Intel believes that given the current situation with the conflict in Ukraine and the pandemic that is once again rocking Asia, both continents have realized the fragility of the supply chain and the excessive dependence on -to countries like Taiwan and China. But the objective is not, according to the blue company, that the United States and the EU recover all the lost ground, in fact they consider it lost, but what would be sought with this alliance is to maintain and build a minimum level of chip manufacturing capability to meet your most critical needs.

Therefore, the push from Asia is unstoppable and the West must focus on a key aspect such as design, where it stands out with NVIDIA, AMD and Intel itself, but at the same time the United States are going to need the EU, not only because ASMLbut because it is a strategic partner for the chip industry.

Intel, US and EU: An Opportunity for Semiconductor Policy and Principles


Intel goes on to say that cooperation between the two continents would bring us to the front line on a common policy and principles for semiconductors. This would make everyone involved in RMA as apparently discordant, finding common solutions for practical implementation, reducing time and bureaucracy which, as we have seen, always slows down investment and its development, which China and Taiwan do not have because they are independent.

For this reason, there is talk of a transatlantic cooperation that joins forces in a historic challenge to maintain industry leadership and thus not allow Asia to eat more land and continue to be the cheapest manufacturing location in the world.

Of course Intel is very right on paper, Asia is not going to slow down, they are ready to suffer, to work harder than anyone, day and night, they want to take over the world and the day will come, if not we fix it, in which countries like China do not want to sell their products to the West, slowing down their economies and having Russia, India and Latin America as new and more profitable economic partners in terms of population, development and trade.

The trade and technology war continues, if the West does not join forces, it is more than likely that it will end up being swallowed up by its most loyal rival.

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