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Intel triumphs with its Core 12, AMD collapses, change of trend?

Well, once again we were right to say that in the purest silence Intel had dealt AMD a hard blow with its Core 12 which could change the market. And according to data provided by AMD itself and Intel itself for this quarter, the Alder Lake Processors In just a few months, they blasted the advantage that Lisa Su’s men had and put it in their favor. There is a turnaround on pc? Or, on the contrary, is it simply circumstantial?

Few of us saw it coming, but Intel undoubtedly had a double-edged sword in the room to attack AMD and as has happened to the company now chaired by Pat Gelsinger, now is the time to row against -running. Revenue data and market trends prove it, and various reports predict a complicated future for AMD. Let’s see why.

Intel reverses the roles with its Core 12, is AMD right or wrong?


Normally these types of articles don’t like it because it’s numbers and more numbers, but we’ll try to give it another projection to the material to make it more enjoyable. The first thing we need to know is logically what numbers Intel starts from, well, in March of last year revenue in computing and graphics was $2,100 million, at the end of December they had risen to $2,584 million and in March of this year they are 2,802 million.

Obviously we will ignore (forgive the redundancy and excuse me) the rest of the data because arguably we are not interested in comparing, but we will only say that every year Intel in all segments would have almost doubled his income.


Well, if those sound like good numbers, and they are, in all of the so-called CCG or client IT group Intel is losing money, it’s generating less revenue, something you can see more clearly in the graph at the start of this article and which we’re not going to comment on more than for information to focus again on what account on PC.

AMD drops 26% in desktops due to Alder Lake and Intel strategy

We’ve also said it: Intel’s strategy is cunning, it’s gone where AMD can’t answer, in the mid and low end, getting a lot of performance from its CPUs and price. AMD’s cost adjustment is living proof of Intel’s success and the average user has seen in the DDR5the DDR4 with him B660 chipset and the PCIe 5.0 as a solution for the future, scalable and breathing fresh air through its architecture.

And he would be absolutely right about everything, which is why AMD needs Zen 4 ASAP, as early analytics cite a 26% decline in just a few months and a downward trend that will continue into 2023, where data is not good either.

AMD-Market share-2022

AMD should lose another of them% against Intel, so whatever AMD had gained in share and revenue all at once, Intel took it and picked it up, and Raptor Lake vs Zen 4 doesn’t seem to be in AMD’s favor either, where the double whammy for before the end of the year of ZEN 4X3D or also called ZEN 4C.

We talked about a trend, and as we well know, Intel has put its foot on the accelerator and has no doubt that by offering new products, faster and with better prices than AMD will end up drowning his rival. Especially considering that he already has EUV scanners in large numbers and has the first High-NA EUV exclusively for its new Intel Node 4. In a preview today, TSMC splits its 2nm with GAA in two versions of the node and there, Intel will recover the path of density, efficiency and frequency performance against the Taiwanese.

The data is already starting to prove them right and they have only passed 7 monthswe will see in 2025 if what we’ve been discussing ends up coming true, because now it seems no one will be able to stop the blue giant, at least on PC.

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