Without notice, Intel has slightly changed the specifications of its first desktop GPU for sale, the Intel Arc A380. Specifically, the company says its GPUs will arrive with slightly slower-than-expected GDDR6 memory, promising that they’ll reach the 15.5 Gbps compared to the 16 Gbps initially announced. This, coupled with a 96-bit memory interface, means a reduction in GPU bandwidth from the original 192 GB/s. 186 GB/s.

It should be remembered that the rest of the specifications go through a graphics chip Intel ACM-G11 @ 6nm from TSMC offering a configuration of 1024 hearts at a frequency of 2000 MHz with 6 GB of VRAM memory and a consumption of 75W. Additionally, the company revealed this weekend that its GPU offers connectivity HDMI 2.1although the final decision on whether the GPU has an HDMI 2.1 or HDMI 2.0 port will ultimately rest with the GPU assembler itself.

Intel Arc A380

It must be remembered that the GUNNIR Arc A380 Photonthe first Intel GPU with a custom design, has already raised alarm bells, revealing that although the graphics chip has been overclocked, reaching 2450MHz, generating an energy consumption of 92Wthe memories have come 15.5 Gbps compared to the 16 Gbps announced for the reference model, knowing now that this frequency is the definitive one for GPU memory. We also now know that using connectivity HDMI2.0 of this model was the decision of the manufacturer himself.

via: video cardz