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Intel reiterates that in the coming weeks we will see the first desktop GPUs

Intel wanted to silence rumors of another delay in its graphics debut, albeit this time in regards to GPUs Intel Arc Alchemist for Desktopsand that’s why the company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, on the company’s earnings call said there were no delays, all deadlines were being met and that we’ll see the company’s first GPUs in Q2 2022although it is expected that the specific announcement could take place at the end of June.

“The AXG [Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group] meet deadlines. We have already launched the laptop models. In the second quarter, we will have the models for desktop computers. And we will also have more models throughout the year. We will complete the product line,” said the CEO.

Intel Arc limited edition

It should be remembered that the high-end GPU would be the Intel Arc A780 limited editionwhich for now is considered an Intel Arc A770 processor until the 2250MHz with a fairly exclusive reference cooling system, so it’s a limited product. This model should compete in terms of performance with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 thanks to its Intel ACM-G10 graphics chip with 4096 execution units16 GB of GDDR6 @ 17.5 Gbps memory and a memory interface of 256 bit. Of course, in the end, the graphics controllers will decide based on the optimization it manages to perform in each title.

Model Radeon RX6700XT GeForce RTX 3070 Intel ARC A780
GPUs AMD Navi 22 NVIDIA GA104-300 ACM-G10
Fabulous process. TSMC 7nm Samsung 8nm 6nm TSMC
Die size 336mm² 392mm² 406mm²
Number of transistors 17,200M 17,400M 21,700M
FP32 cores 2560 5888 4096
Memory 12 GB GDDR6 128 bit 8 GB 256-bit GDDR6 16 GB 256-bit GDDR6
Freq. Memory 16 Gbps 14 Gbps 17.5 Gbps
Consumption 230W (TGP) 220 (TPD) 175W (GPU only)

Just below, in the mid-range, we will have the GPUs Intel Arc A750 with the same chipset limited to a configuration of 3072 execution units with 12 GB of memory and a 192-bit interface, as well as a Intel Arc A580 with 2048 execution units, 8 GB of memory and 128 bits.

Already in the low range and at the start we will have three models divided between the Intel Arc A380, Arc A350 and Arc A310, with Execution units 1024, 768 and 512 with 6GB/4GB/4GB GDDR6 memory and 96/64/64 bit interface.

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