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Intel NUC X15 laptop will arrive with i7-12700H and ARC A730M graphics card

When we talk about Intel NUC, we are not only referring to desktop Intel products, but also to laptops. Announced at CES 2022, the Intel NUC series known as “Alder County“would be something laptop with equipment entirely from Intel. Thus, two laptops are unveiled that will belong to the range IntelĀ® NUC X15 powered by an intel Core i7-12700H and some graphics to choose from up to an Intel ARC A730M as a top model.

At CES 2022, Intel announced that it would expand its Intel NUC family, this time not limiting it to small desktop computers. We would now know of two SKUs belonging to the Intel NUC X15 series, codenamed “Alder County”. The difference between the two will lie in seeing the model number C71H Yes C71Gwhere the H variant will allow you to choose an ARC A730M.

Both laptops will have an i7-12700H alongside an Intel ARC A550M or ARC 730M

Intel Nuc X15 Alder County i7 12700H ARC A550M A730M

These Intel NUC X15 systems are generally used in the market OEM to produce notebooks of other brands such as ADATA XPG Xenia. However, the models of the previous generation they wore graphics NVIDIA-RTX, while the new ones replace them with Intel ARC. In addition, 11th generation processors are updated to the 12th, as is the case with the i7-12700H What we see.

This is a processor 14 cores and 20 threads divided into 6x P-cores Yes 8x E-hearts at base/turbo frequency of 3.50/4.70GHz with access to 24 MB of cache and a PDT of 45 to 115W. Regarding the graphics card, the Intel NUC X15 model finished in C71G will have an ARC GPU A550Mwith 8 GB VRAM, 16 Xe-cores/Ray Tracing Units (2048 United Statess) and consumption between 60 and 80W.

On the other hand, the model completed in C71H will offer an ARC GPU A730Mwith 12 GB VRAM, 24 Xe cores/Ray Tracing Units (3072 United Statess) and consumption between 80 and 120W. Although the latter is the most powerful option, we must remember that we have already seen benchmarks of the A730M underperforming of one GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile. Moreover, the results were very unstable, thus blaming some Drivers Intel very green.

The previous generation Intel NUC X15 offered more powerful graphics, RTX 3060/3070

Intel NUC X15 Tiger Lake NVIDIA RTX 3060 3070

Intel seems to be betting big on its own product, as it includes Intel ARC GPUs in its desktop NUCs and now in its laptops. It wouldn’t be a bad option for a new series, but in this case it’s not like that and that’s it replace laptops old ones that offered greater graphics power. They were systems. Tiger Lake with processors i5-11400H and i7-11800Hwith NVIDIA GeForce graphics card RTX-3060 Yes RTX-3070.

While the i7-12700H update is welcome, we can’t say the same in the graphics section. Here, Intel and its ARC A550M and ARC 730M GPUs have nothing to do with their NVIDIA RTX rivals. As leaked benchmarks have shown us, the only Intel ARC capable of to survive (a 12% more) to one RTX-3060is the A770Mhis top of the line. Considering that the A730M barely reaches the performance of a RTX-3050Tithe update is quite depressing.

And if we talk about the A550M, it is less powerful than the A730M, only competing at the low end. According to Date launch of the Intel NUC X15 2022, it should be close to the global launch of its A550M/A730M cards.

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