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Intel Meteor Lake will exceed 6.50 GHz with the same consumption as Alder Lake

Intel saw how leaked on twitter a processor Intel Meteor Lake for laptops and information regarding its Intel 4 process. This image, which reveals the internal design of the chip, was due to be presented next week at the IEEE VLSI 2022 Symposium. They show us a high-end 14th Gen Intel Core processor. performance for laptops under manufacturing process Intel 4.

It should be remembered that the Intel 4 open the door to the manufacturing process of 7nm from Intel, although its name seeks to indicate that in terms of density, performance and consumption, it would be comparable to the 4nm from TSMC. Regarding the current Intel 7 (10nm), the rest of the leaked slides reveal that, officially, Intel has said that it will be able to increase the frequencies of its processors by 20% without increasing energy consumption (regarding Intel Alder Lake @ Intel 7 processors).

If we forget consumption, adding more voltage could achieve even higher frequencies, so it wouldn’t be strange to see frequencies above 6.00 GHz air conditioning. Concretely, Intel is already talking about an additional 5% improvement. This implies that they should be able to offer frequencies around the 6.60GHz if we take into account that the Core i9-12900KS reaches 5.50 GHz.

Internal layout of an Intel Meteor Lake-P
Design of an Intel Meteor Lake laptop processor with 14 cores and 20 threads

Intel will reveal more information next week regarding Meteor Lake, its big bet

The image above shows the inside of a laptop processor with 6 high performance cores (Redwood Cove), next to 8 cores with low power consumption (Crestmont). Because high-performance cores are the only ones to have HyperThreading technology, since the number of threads goes up to 20. To finish with the information that can be extracted from leaked slides, since we know that these chipsets are composed of four different types of matrices: x86 compute matrices, integrated graphics card, SoC and I/O to manage connectivity.

Intel Meteor Lake Array Design

Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to see the noticeable jump in performance that this generation of processors will present, because they are not expected to arrive. until the second half of next yearrequiring the use of a new generation of motherboards for desktop computers, since the Meteor Lake-S will debut with a new socket, the LGA1851.

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