According to industry sources, Intel Meteor Lake will use TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process. This is not a surprise if we remember some rumors in November, where it was said that these processors would combine several manufacturing processes from both TSMC and Intel Foundry Services.

These rumors indicated that the I/O matrix connectivity manager (DDR5/LPDDR5, PCIe 5.0, USB 4.0, etc.) could be made by TSMC using the company’s 4nm or 5nm, so it really would have been confirmed that it was finally chosen 5nm. Remember that processors meteor lake They will arrive with a chiplet design with multiple dies or “tiles” with different manufacturing processes. Thus, the compute tiles (the CPU and the logical cores) indicated that they would be manufactured by Intel according to its manufacturing process. Intel 4but now it is not known if this idea has been replaced by this movement and recourse to TSMC.

Intel Meteor Lake Processor

As it concerns to the graphics chip tile Intel Xe, which will offer up to 192 threads (1536 cores), rumors indicate that they will use the manufacturing process of 3nm from TSMC (N3), it would therefore be the last manufacturing process that remains to be confirmed.

CPU Intel Meteor Lake will retain the same hybrid design released with Alder Lake, releasing all-new P-Core cores dubbed redwood cove, which will continue to be accompanied by Gracemont cores to maintain the hybrid design of having powerful cores and low power consumption cores to adapt to the needs of the equipment. In this case, the 24-core barrier could be broken who will impose raptor lake.

via: Digitimes