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Intel Meteor Lake for laptops would use three different microarchitectures

According to the latest industry rumors, processors Intel Meteor Lake for laptops, they would use no less than three different processor architecturesit would go a little further compared to the current hybrid architecture which includes two architectures: Golden Covegeared towards high performance, which coexists with Gracemontwhich places a strong emphasis on reducing power consumption when the computer is running stress-free.

With Alder Lake, the story will be the same, although replacing the Golden Cove cores with raptor covewhile the desktop version of Meteor Lake, unless surprised, will continue this trend by combining the cores redwood cove with Crestmont, which will add a huge performance boost on low power cores.

Intel Meteor Lake
Intel Meteor Lake for Desktop

Now the question is, what will the third microarchitecture offer which would integrate the portable Meteor Lake range, without knowing if the third architecture will focus on improving the side of artificial intelligence, as mobile devices do with increasingly powerful NPUs. The strangest thing of all is that this other microarchitecture would be hidden in the SoC dieand not the computing one coexisting with the Redwood Cove and Crestmont cores.

In August we have a very important meeting with Intel during Hot Chips 34, and this is where the company will reveal information regarding Meteor Lake, its successor, Arrow Lake, and many other details related to its GPUs for data centers, manufacturing or packaging processes , so hopefully the company can provide more information when the time comes.

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