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Intel launches its Alder Lake-HX, the most powerful Core 12 for laptops

We brought it forward just two days ago and now it’s official. The most powerful laptop processors in history were launched to much fanfare ahead of AMD and its Zen 4 Mobile, where these Core 12 configurations make their debut 8P+8E by integrating a new step called C0. This is all news from Alder Lake HX.


As expected, it’s now confirmed that Intel took the die with a worse grouping and called them C0 lower to 2mm its full height and lower frequency-based cutting advantages than its desktop aspects.

with up to 30 MB of L3, PCIe 5.0 with 16 lanes for new generation GPUs and a bus attached to a lightened and optimized version of the Z690 with 8 DMI 4.0 linesIntel puts everything on the grill knowing that its great rival is not going to make it easy for them.

+17% in ST and +64% in MT, it’s the Core 12 HX


With a platform capacity to accommodate nothing less than two M.2 NVMe Gen 4 directly to the processor to promote RAID 0, 1 or 5 If necessary, these processors lend themselves to both gaming and professionals, Intel makes no distinction here and goes for everything.

For this reason, the company undoubtedly allows up to two Thunderbolt 4 controllers and certain frequencies in its IMC imported from the desktop: DDR5-4800, DDR4-3200 or LPDDR4-4267 (all up to 128 GB).

If it is not already impressive, its energy efficiency must be taken into account, since if we start from the 12900 desktop from which the top of the range is derived (i9-12950HX), the portable version reduces its power by 10 watts. PBP(55W) while his PMT Is equivalent to 157W in total (unspecified YOU for the moment).

It will certainly not be easy to dissipate such an amount of heat, especially considering that all processors in the range allow overclocking as standard. In terms of performance, it is well above expectations and it is not for less, since it reaches a distance of one 17% on single thread vs i9-11980HK and one +64% in multi-threadwhich is quite impressive for a single generation, a jump that should be equivalent to what AMD achieves with Zen 4.

The democratization of the Core 12 range with Alder Lake HX


Como curiosidades a tener en cuenta, all i9 e i7 serĂ¡n 8P + 8 E excepto el i7-12650HX que es un 6p + 8E, all los P-Cores tienen HT, all los processors menos el i5-12450HX tienen la nueva iGPU Xe with 32 EU and also they all have the same PBP and MTP: 55W and 157Wregardless of the configuration of the cores they integrate.

This shows that there is a very selective binning on the part of Intel since the Base and Boost frequencies are totally different according to the range scales.

Finally, only three processors support Intel vPro:

  • i9-12950HX
  • i7-12850HX
  • i5-12600HX

These three processors at the same time are the only ones that will support ECC memory. As for overclocking, only two will be able to do it without limits, the i7-12800HX and i9-12900HX.


Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, while availability is expected to arrive soon, though it’s unclear and actually quite confusing, as Intel says major OEMs will have more 10 Alder Lake HX Layouts between workstations and gaming laptops as such, which raises serious doubts about its arrival on the market.

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