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Intel is revolutionizing gaming laptops with these processors

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about Alder Lake-HX processors and what was to come with them, but a new leak has revealed every bit of data on these processors that will revolutionize the gaming laptop market. creation of content based on previously unseen features. What makes these Alder Lake-HX processors are so special?

There are many reasons that will make us change our minds with these Core 12 focused on the highest line of gaming laptops. First of all, Intel is completely changing its strategy with this segment. Now, the manufacturer is focusing on productivity, performance per wafer and costs, which will involve a substantial change in its approach: it will bring desktop CPUs to laptops with some slight modifications.

Alder Lake-HX, the processors that change everything in laptops

Intel-Alder-Lake-HX Specifications

The packet BGAs which is deployed on laptops has the same physical size as the LGA, that is to say, it is the same matrix in PCs and laptops with only one difference: the physical height. It goes from there 4.4mm from Core 12s desktop to 2.0mm in laptops, resulting in better heat transfer in laptops given their cooling limitations.

This is important when you have numbers like 55 watts of PBP Is 157 watts as MTPsomething logical if we take into account the origin of these chips and the frequencies they reach, reaching 5GHz with a total of 16 cores to its credit more powerful models such as the i9-12950HX.

But there is more, since the company has implemented for the first time in history the interface PCIe 5.0 on a laptop processor for a total of 48 linesbeing now the total number of Gen5 x16+ Gen4 x20 + Gen3 x12. As if that were not enough, Intel supports DDR5 with profiles XMP 3.0 (don’t go for LPDDR5 only) and add new feature with this as is Dynamic Memory Boost.

To top it off, the entire HX series is overclockable and except for the lowest-end i5-12450HX model, the rest get 32 EU on your iGPU Xe with up to 1.55GHz of frequency. Therefore, they are the first desktop processors that implement a matrix based on another platform for laptops with the aforementioned novelties. AMD is undoubtedly going to have a hard time with Zen 4, although Lisa Su’s bet is on a similar path, if not even, since it will take the bet to the same technical level with the Ryzen 7000HXat least on paper, we will see in a few months if it can match or surpass its rival.

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