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Intel is preparing a price drop for its Alder Lake CPUs (Intel Core 12th Gen)

Industry sources revealed that Intel will lower the price of its Alder Lake processors (Intel Core 12th Generation) Later this year.

The price drop comes as no surprise, and with the launch of the 13th Gen Raptor Lake, it’s inevitable that it will happen, but it’s stated that the drop could be a little steeper due to slowing down who should suffer the pc market in the second half of this year.

According to data provided by the companies, amd expect the PC market to fall 8.2% during the second half of the year. HAS HIS announced that during the second quarter (Q2 2022), it is expected that revenue down 10%whereas in PC components, one expects a drop of up to 15%while less “decisive” companies in the sector, such as gigabytethey have already lost 41% activity since last May, we are therefore expecting a crisis in the sector.

Intel Core Alder Lake

Intel’s price readjustment is a reality check for all PC-related companies

In this way, not only processors will have to come down in price to try to reduce the hit as much as possible, but all component brands will have to cut their profit margins if they don’t want to see red numbers.

Without going any further, we have a clear example of this in another of the people concerned, Corsairand for now only in the United States, has lowered the price of ALL its RAM memories for a day until 25 percentand that even includes the DDR5 RAM itself, seeing how the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB 64GB @ 5200MHz CL40 memory kits range in cost $550 to $413or make a VENGEANCE 32GB @ 5200MHz CL40 more affordable from $248 to $185.

That way, if you’re looking to buy a new PC, or renew the one you own, the end of the year will be a good time to save money.

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