Intel revealed that his Fab 34 in Ireland you have already prepared its first EUV lithographic equipment. According to the company, it will be essential to make the leap to the manufacturing process Intel 4 (7nm) equivalent to TSMC’s 4nm, which will debut with processors Intel Meteor Lake.

ASML Machine Shipping Required four boeing planesas well as 35 trucks to get it to Fab 34. The machine, or tool as Intel calls it, has been shipping in pieces since December last year and is only now fully assembled.

Intel ASML machines

“Last month saw another key milestone for Fab 34, Intel’s new factory in Ireland. The first EUV lithography system, a key part of Intel 4 processing technology, has arrived at the new factory. This system, built by Dutch manufacturer ASML, is perhaps the most complicated machine ever built by man and heralds an important moment for the installation phase of the Leixlip project”.

via: TechPowerUp