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Intel hires TSMC VP to ramp up production

A few days ago it was rumored that Intel was going through an alleged delay on their Intel Core 14th generation (Meteor Lake) due to TSMC. It was speculated that the Intel CEO would visit TSMC to discuss 3nm lithography production. We now know that the very Intel hired suk leeWhat was Vice President of TSMCto increase flea production.

Intel Foundry Services (IFS) accelerator is an alliance designed to help Intel Foundry customers take their silicon products from initial idea to implementation. However, The Alliance IFS Accelerator only had 17 members in February 2022 and required an extension. Intel has decided that the person responsible for carrying out this work will be Suk Lee, a TSMC veteran who was hired by Intel.

TSMC VP to expand Intel’s IFS division

Intel TSMC Suk Lee Foundry Services Accelerator

Lee, the former vice president of TSMC, will lead the Office of Ecosystem Technology newly created by Intel. In this role, he will be responsible for expanding the IFS division’s design technology ecosystem by recruiting new members. Increase the number of workers Intel Foundry Services is fundamental for the company, since the profession of third-party chip production.

“I’m very excited to join Intel today, and look forward to seeing you soon!” wrote Suk Lee, vice president of Intel’s Office of Ecosystem Technology.

Intel’s new signature worked for semiconductor manufacturers such as LSItool providers such as cadence and even for Texas Instruments (YOU). Subsequently, Lee joined TSMC in 2009, where he became vice-president of the infrastructure management division. In addition, he established and developed the Open Innovation Platform (O.I.P.), which is the ecosystem of companies that enables the development of chips manufactured at TSMC.

This OIP ecosystem brings together several members who offer electronic design automation tools (AED), design services front end and back end as well as logistics services. Their service has enabled them to help chip design companies become well-known fabless suppliers. For example, the popular BitMainthe largest chip designer for SO Cs of the world, or graphics core which develops accelerators for AI.

Intel hopes to boost chip manufacturing for third parties to order

Intel contract chip manufacturing IFS

For more than a year, Intel has been working to get IFS working, but without much success. It cannot be said that he did not make an effort, since he hired new workers and even acquired semiconductor tower to find new talent. All of this did not turn out well, but it seems that the vice president of TSMC is an ideal candidate for this position at Intel.

Not only is he a long-time veteran of many major companies in the industry, but his role as Vice President at TSMC at OIP was similar to that of IFS. With Accelerator, Intel offers its customers services such as CAD tools powerful and validated, covering everything from concept to full-scale silicon production. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive IP portfolio, with integrated memories, IPs analog and IP interface and IT IS general use.

Even so, there’s a lot of work to be done to make it all work and that’s Intel went alone in terms of design knots and tokens. And it is that, the company develops its new nodes thinking only of its products, such as Intel processors. For this reason their tools EDAs are owners and any third-party company that wishes to adopt them and work with IFS must take steps and pay a substantial amount.

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