Today we meet a new engineering sample of the Intel Core i9-13900K on CPU-Z, although this time the benchmarks passed. This high-end processor will offer a configuration of 24 cores and 32 processing threads across 8 high-performance cores + 16 low-power cores. Based on the software, in this case, we know that the high performance cores have reached the 5.00GHz in front of the 3.00GHz efficient ones.

All this resulted in a monocore score of 846 dotswhereas in multicore performance we speak of 13054 dotsso in essence it is a 10% faster than AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 cores and 32 threads. Of course, the test was carried out with an MSI PRO Z690-A motherboard associated with a rather slow DDR4 RAM of 2666MHz.

Intel Core i9-13900K in CPU-Z Certification

You have to remember that from the other leaks we’ve already seen, it looks like really there is no improvement in the IPC of the coresso the performance boost will be tied to that processor reaching higher speeds, as it’s expected that at least all cores can run at 5.50GHzbesides that a single core could reach 5.80GHzso there is an improvement in this aspect and related to consumption, but in the CPI it seems that it will be practically the same.

For reference, the 5.50 GHz Intel Core i9-13900K ES3 processor is said to hover 880 / 15,000pointsalthough for the moment no image has been shown that supports said performance, since we would be talking about a 36% improvement in performance single core and 26% in multicore performance. A performance improvement that could make it compete with the Ryzen 7000 even if it is an engineering sample and without presenting improvements in the IPC.

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