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Intel Core 14 processors will have a serial overclock to reach 6 GHz

There is less and less left for the new generation of processors to come out. Intel and of amd, generating huge hype, as they promise big performance improvements. Regarding Intel, we know that the 13th generation will be called Raptor Lake and will implement improvements of CPI and often with others. Now, thanks to a new software version Intel® XTUwe know that raptor lake will come with new features to perform overclock in the future CPU.

The battle over who will be the best next-gen CPU is going to be a tough one, with AMD and Intel launching their long-awaited new generations. Intel creates great expectation, but, in turn, it shows delays and unfinished information about the new architecture raptor lake. We know they will reach 24 hearts Yes 32 threadswith up to 68 MB hidden L2/L3, but, we know nothing of their final frequencies. Unlike Intel, AMD this time got ahead of its rival, showing some Ryzen 7000 situated at Zen 4 run at high speed.

The speed podium is held by AMD with its Ryzen 7000: 5.85 GHz in one core

AMD Ryzen 7000 5.5GHz

It’s rare in the industry to see a situation where AMD is ahead of its main competitor Intel, but it seems that with the Ryzen 7000 that has been filled. During AMD’s presentation at the IT 2022, Lisa Su Yes Robert Hallockpresented this new generation of processors operating at 5.5GHz with real tests.

Taking into account that this processor could be the top of the range of 16 cores Yes 32 threads of the next generation of AMD processors, that’s an incredible increase. We would be talking about an approximate increase of 800MHz compared to the last generation of Ryzen with Zen 3. In addition, everything with a TDP 170Walthough we later learned that there are some variations on these words, such as the TDP being really PPP and that the frequency of all the cores will vary between 5.2GHz and 5.5GHz.

Additionally, they indicated that the maximum frequency the Ryzen 7000 could run at would be 5.85GHz in a single core, thus beating everything Intel offers as long as the IPC accompanies. Now Intel will have to pull itself together to show that it has greater speed and will continue to be the king of the game.

Intel XTU 7.8 adds new overclock modes for Raptor Lake: Efficient TVB and OC TVB

Intel XTU 7.8 Raptor Lake OC TVB

Here Intel puts the batteries. And it is that without even knowing the launch dates, the final frequencies that they will reach or the SKUs; has already added new features. These are focused on overclocking, as seen in the overclocking and monitoring software, Intel XTU. With the launch of version 7.8 we see a series of changes, where the Support to the future platform with new additions.

The first two would be overclocking support per core and for all cores using Intel technology. Increase in thermal speed (TVB). For those who don’t know, this increases the frequency of the cores above the technology turbo CPUs. This is similar to technology XFR 2 Yes Accuracy improvement from AMD, and in the same way, it allows to increase the speed as long as a temperature threshold is not exceeded.

Therefore, with OC TVB, it gives Raptor Lake the ability to boost its frequencies even more than the series boost, with an automatic overclock that squeezes every MHz to outperform its rivals. Additionally, it adds support for EfficientTVB (E-TVB), which leaves us confused, since previously it referred to improved and not effective. We assume the name change is to emphasize a more “optimized” efficiency-focused TVB.

They speculate that Raptor Lake will reach 6 GHz with E-TVB. Random declaration or will it come true?

And regarding the frequencies it could reach, according to tech leaker @Raichu, it’s likely that one of the Intel models will reach 6GHz using E-TVB. If this were realized, then I would leave the 5.85GHz of the future Ryzen 7000 as a minor improvement by simply being late, where while frequency as such is important, it has long been used as a marketing weapon and apparently that is how it will continue to be perceived.

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