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Intel confirms that its Arc A770 will have 16 GB of memory

Intel has been announcing for months a raffle for a few of its graphics cards, and after officially announcing the Intel models Bow A770 and Intel Bow A750, now this giveaway has been updated, revealing that its high-end GPU will arrive with 16 GB of memory like the already anticipated leaks, to which is added that the Intel Arc A750 will arrive with 8 GB of memory. Both GPUs would be tied to a 256-bit interface.

According to the leaks, Intel Arc A770 will have a consumption 225W and will compete with graphics cards like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti (8 GB / 200 W) or the AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT (8GB / 180W) at a price that would be between the $349 and $399.

For his part, the Intel Arc A750 would maintain the same power consumption and compete with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (12 GB / 170 W) and the AMD RadeonRX6600 (8GB / 132W) at a price that could start around $279.

Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition

We already know the hardware, now we need corresponding software

While we wouldn’t expect Intel to compete with high-end GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA, these efficiencies for a first-gen GPU they are not bad at alland more recalling that the drivers are very green and can still deliver very erratic performance, one of the main drawbacks being that these GPUs will perform better in modern games under the DirectX 12 API, whereas in other APIs such than Vulkan or DirectX 11, the graph will not work in an optimized way.

On the other hand, like NVIDIA, these graphics cards have with dedicated hardware for scaling of images, we are talking about technology IntelĀ® XeSSwhich will increase performance, in addition to having dedicated hardware for RayTracing.

Intel XeSS - native 1080p versus 4K XeSS
Intel XeSS – native 1080p versus 4K XeSS

All models in terms of performance are good enough for most gamers, since the range GeForce x060 from NVIDIA is still the most popular thanks to offering the sweet spot between performance and priceso if all Intel GPUs are more affordable than their direct rivals, then they’re all a good option, although as we already know announcements and launches have been delayed because launching a product with the current software status would be to shoot yourself in the foot.

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