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Intel CEO expects chip and component shortage to last until 2024

In an interview for CNBC, Pat GelsingerIntel CEO, gave an update on what we can expect from the chip shortage. While we can now literally buy anything we want, a symptom that scarcity is still a problem are the prices high that we can see in the market, while very specific markets, such as consoles, the great existing demand makes it impossible to find stock of the most popular consoles: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, without forgetting also the Steam Deck .

In addition, despite the good general availability of PC components, shortages now affect manufacturing teams and factories. This is the main reason why Intel expects a shortage of semiconductors last another year. Exactly, if it was expected that in 2023 the shortage will already be a thing of the past, now everything indicates that it won’t be before 2024 when everything is back to normal.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger with a Ponte Vecchio GPU
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger with a Ponte Vecchio GPU

“That’s part of the reason why we believe the global semiconductor shortage will now drift towards 2024, compared to our previous estimates in 2023, simply because the shortage has now reached equipment and some of these offshoots of the factories will be the most contested,” the company’s CEO said.

Despite this, Intel is rather optimisticand unsurprisingly, made a large number of investments to build new factories, expand existing ones or even make strategic acquisitions like that of Tower Semiconductor, and that is why it indicates that Intel has a privileged position compared to the rest of the companies.

“We think we’re better positioned than most. The combination of our in-house capabilities and our foundry engine – we’re better positioned, and that’s part of Intel’s structural advantage.”

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