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Intel begins shipping large-scale ASICs for mining at the worst time

As we all know, cryptocurrencies are not at their best, with huge declines affecting some popular cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. With a current value of €18,500 from Bitcoin compared to its maximum €56,200or the etherealwho reached the €4,650 and now have a value of €1,070, crypto mining is no longer profitable. But Intel seems to think differently, since he launched his ASIC block scale at mine 580GH/s.

The prices of the electricity through the clouds, rising inflation present in our lives and certain misfortunes like that of ground (MOON) among others, lead to cryptocurrencies to a severe fall. Although a little over a year ago, the mining fever was booming, now we can say that rather the opposite, where hold it has become the market goal for many.

Raja Koduri thinks now is the right time to mine: Launches Intel Blockscale ASIC

We haven’t heard from our dear for a long time Raja Koduriformer employee of amd who is now the executive vice president of Intel. Raja is focused on developing and guiding the future IntelARCbeing General Manager of Accelerated Computing and Graphics Systems (AXG) from Intel. Even so, it strikes us that he is the mouthpiece of such news, considering how little profitable What is cryptocurrency mining currently.

Regarding the Intel Blockscale ASIC, it has already come a long way, since it was previously known as Bonanza mine. Later, in April 2022, we were informed that the Custom calculation group from Intel had succeeded in manufacturing the ASIC mentioned in the title. Supported by Argo BlockchainBlock Inc, Hive Blockchain technology and GRIID infrastructurethis ASIC was to be delivered within the third trimester of 2022. But as we see, they were even faster than they had estimated, since the Intel Blockscale ASIC was shipped to customers of the second trimester.

The ASIC achieves a hash rate of up to 580 GH/s, with a power efficiency of 26 J/TH

Intel Blockscale ASIC Mining Bitcoin Hashrate 580 GH

There’s no denying that Intel’s ASIC has envy-worthy power efficiency in this industry. With a single consumption between 4.8W Yes 22.7W and a hashrate of 580GH/s at peak performance, its energy efficiency is up to 26J/TH. These are values ​​that are practically impossible to achieve with conventional mining hardware, but of course Intel is betting everything on this chip. LGA just 7.5mm X 7mm.

To make it, he used the process N5 of TSMCwhich, added to the fact that it is specially designed to speed up the calculations of SHA-256 algorithmbecomes something unstoppable in Efficiency. For this reason, Intel mentions that its Blockscale ASIC offers “more performance per watt than 1000 times higher to GPUs mining conventions based on SHA-256″.

Additionally, there are sensors on the chip itself that allow you to monitor the Temperature Yes tension in order to have control of the system at all times and adjust its performance according to the situation. Thus, Intel’s ASIC comes to offer a mining proposal that is energy efficient and takes up a lot of space. less space than traditional graphics cards.

However, it comes at a bad time, and despite the fact that we don’t know its price, it will most likely not be profitable as long as Bitcoin prices remain so low. If in the long term, cryptocurrencies manage to position themselves as before, then yes, ASICs like these can be the coming of large-scale mining, given its low consumption and the space occupied.

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