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Intel Arc works with AMD Ryzen and Resizable BAR without official support

A week ago we saw a review of an Intel Bow A380 with overclockwhich allowed him to see an increase in his performance up to one 60%. Among its multiple tests we saw that the graphics card worked with resizable BAR, a technology that improves performance. Interestingly, Intel Arcs does not have official supportbut now we know they work with the resizable bar enabled on computers with CPUs AMD Ryzen.

The few benchmarks we’ve seen with Intel Arc GPUs have shown us that Intel graphics deliver very poor performance out of the box. And it is that by overclocking you could get a very big improvement in FPS, but it does not stop there. It turns out that activating the technology NVIDIA resizable bar, another noticeable performance improvement has been achieved. It is curious because it is an NVIDIA technology compatible with RTX 30but it works fine with Intel GPU.

NVIDIA Resizable BAR technology is very important for Intel Arc

Intel Arc A380 Resizable Bar Performance

When Intel released its first drivers for its Intel Arc graphics, it highlighted the importance of Resizable Bar technology. rebar on your GPUs. And it is that, according to Intel, this must be activated to reach a optimal performance in their Bows. This is how we checked it in a review from a Russian Youtuber, where a 20% improvement or more simply by leaving the ReBar activated. However, it seems that the performance increase can reach much higher values, according to a review of computer base.

In this we can see a GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon be tested in a large number of low games with a team equipped with a AMD Ryzen 5 5600X with a B550 motherboard. For comparison, several low-end graphics cards have been added, such as the NVIDIA GTX1650AMD RadeonRX6400 or the AMD Radeon RX6500XT. Here, tests with the Intel graphics card will include this with factory values, uploaded to 2450MHz frequency (equal to turbo mode), and with the resizable BAR turned on and off. As we can see, in the case of Monster Hunter: World, this is where we see the biggest difference in performance.

We went like this to get 34fps with an Intel Arc A380 without resizable BAR to get 64fps activation is technology. We are practically talking double performance with just one click and put it in ON mode. Also note that uploading the chart to 2450MHz This hardly represents an improvement in any of the games, progressing only by one of them% the frame rate. Another overclock was also performed at 2560MHzbut only increased by one 5-7% average FPS.

An Intel ARC GPU with an AMD Ryzen processor and NVIDIA technology works perfectly

AMD Ryzen Intel Arc A380 Resizable BARre NVIDIA

We can say that the equipment used in the review is the trinity, the union between the 3 rival companies which also works very well. And it is that, tests have been carried out with a Intel Core i5-12500 and one Ryzen 5600X with Intel graphics. In both cases, the performance variations were only 1-3% of performance, say there is no difference. Because of this, Intel’s first desktop graphics card shows that it doesn’t prioritize Intel processors as much as previously thought.

Where it does is when it comes to saying that they only support resizable bar with 10th, 11th and 12th generation Intel processors, not including AMD Ryzen processors. However, review tests confirm that the AMD Ryzen 5600X and the B550 motherboard used are compatible with such technology. In fact, they included a actualization in the review where Intel confirms Ryzen Compatibilitybut this has not been validated.

This is important, because the resizable bar allows Intel Arc graphics to be able to communicate with the CPU faster using rails PCIe and the realization of all VRAM is accessible for the processor. If we do not activate it, we receive a very poor performance to the expected.

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