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Intel ARC GPUs will be exclusive to China at launch

Just a few days ago, we already read rumors that Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs for desktops would be delayed, given that Lisa Pearce, vice president and general manager of Intel Visual Compute Group was in charge of answering delays experienced in both Intel hardware and software. Among these answers, the one that mentions that the entry-level Intel ARC A-series GPUs for personal computers (A3) will be released exclusively in Chinaavailable from pre-built computer manufacturers and OEM.

Intel ARC doesn’t seem to meet expectations and we still don’t know too much about them, not to mention the constant delays from the dates originally planned. Given the situation, Lisa Pearce decided to answer questions she received from a community eager to see the final product and its results. were in total 3 questionsthe first explaining the state of the Intel ARC for Laptopsthe second respondent on the time it will take for the Intel ARC desktop computer and the third on the possibility of implementing optimizations in your drivers.

Among these questions, the one that concerns us in this case concerns the Intel ARC desktop, in particular the Intel ARC A3xx have confirmed that they will initially be published in Chinafirst for the OEM market during this summerwhere soon after it would be the turn of the retail stores in China. About Intel ARC A5xx Yes A7xxhigher ranges, guarantee that they will begin to be sold in everyone via equipment manufacturers end of summer, closely following its sale in stores. This would all be part of their strategy of using a “tiered approach” to satisfy all of their customers.

Intel ARC is delayed again being initially exclusive to China

Intel Arc graphics processor

However, after knowing the history of Intel with its new GPUs, this information must be taken with a grain of salt, it is not the first time that they announce a delay or an exclusive sale of their graphics in a specific country. , like when they launched South Korea-exclusive Intel ARC A350M laptops.

Question #2: When will Intel ARC desktop graphics arrive?

“Unlike laptop designs, desktop systems have a wide range of combinations, including memory, motherboards and processors. To initially limit some of these variations, we will work with system builders and OEMs with specific configurations.

We will first launch our entry-level Intel ARC Desktop Series (A3xx) products in China through system builders and OEMs in Q2. Retail and component retail sales will also follow shortly in China. The proximity of necessary board components and the high demand for entry-level discrete products make this a natural starting point. Our next step will be to expand these products globally.

Deployment of the Intel ARC A5xx and A7xx desktop boards will begin worldwide with OEMs and system integrators later this summer, followed by component sales worldwide. This multi-layered approach gives us the certainty that at every stage we can effectively serve our customers.”

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