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Intel ARC A380 increases performance by up to 60% with OC

The Intel ARC A380 It has just been launched, but it has not reached our country since it is an exclusive model for the Asian market. Moreover, we already know its price, where the custom models are are close to 200 eurosmuch more expensive than 149 € officers. Considering that even the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 fate dual FPS in some games it is probably seen as a disappointment. However, if we OC the Intel ARC A380, you can earn up to 60% back bonus.

The performance boost from overclocking an Intel ARC A380 sounds too good to be true, but a Russian Youtuber has posted some benchmarks that back it up. In these we see improvements that start from a 25% improvement, up to cases where 60% is achieved, thus having a performance worthy of a superior range. You could say that with OC the Intel ARC A380 gives a lot, but it’s not like that, since with this overclock performed has the performance of a GTX 1650.

Russian Youtuber, Pro Hi-Tech, demonstrated that the Intel ARC A380 is factory-limited

Before proceeding with the benchmarks and seeing the results, we must consider the specifications of this low-end graphics card from Intel. And that’s it, it’s made up of 1024 hearts (128 EU) divided into 8 Xe cores, which achieve a Turbo frequency of 2450MHz. It has a total of 6 GB GDDR6 memory with a memory bus of 96 bit and a consumption of 75W.

With these specifications, as we said, we are far behind an NVIDIA GTX 1650, where you have to count between a 30% and even a 60% performance in the games tested. But that performance gap can be eliminated by doing OC in a bit of a peculiar way and it makes us think that Intel has capped graphics serially. And that’s it, the Youtuber did not overclock by raising the frequencies of the core of the graph, but the plan of energy and the tension of the same. Saying this, he adjusted the “Improved GPU performance” to 55% and set a voltage offset (tension gap) in one +0.255mV.

With this, the Intel ARC A380 GPU increased core frequencies between 100MHz Yes 150MHzit’s a 4% and one 6% fastest, respectively. Of course, this implied an increase in the consumption of 35W To end 55Wmoving from the use of 43% to 57%. This indicates that the ARC A380 graphics card is very limited in standard, since it still has a lot of margin for consume more and improve your performance. In fact, it does not come close to those official 75W promised by Intel, so we do not rule out seeing cases where the performance is further increased. This is why the Custom vu model uses an 8-pin PCI-Express connector for its power supply.

A380 with OC gets between 25% and 60% more performance

Intel ARC A380 OC 60% catastrophic performance

Something that caught our attention at the start of the video and before the final benchmarks was that the Intel ARC A380 is compatible with the technology of resizable BAR or ReBAR. It allowed increase performance in more than one twenty% as is the case with Legion of Watch Dogs what has happened since 40fps to 49fps. Saying like this, that the results with the graph in “Stock” mode (with factory values), already include the performances gained with Resizable BAR.

Therefore, we see a 25% improvement for cases like Watch Dogs Legion with the ARC A380 COwhile if we add to the equation rebarthe improvement goes from 40 to 61 FPSi.e. an incredible 50% more. Go to tank worldan improvement close to 30% when using the A380 with overclock. Now we’re going up, because we’re seeing an increase in the performance of the 36% for Rainbow Six Siege and of 40% for Cyberpunk 2077 Yes God of the war.

Doom Eternal Intel ARC A380 OC FPS Boost

And the best, we leave it for the end, where we will see Eternal DOOM pass from 64fps to 102fpswhich indicates a 60% improvement. In fact, the half of all games resulted in a 38% improvement when running OC on Intel ARC A380. Consequently, the results leave us stunned, as we never imagined that the Intel GPU would be used so little out of the box. However, even with this incredible improvement, it barely catches up to a GTX 1650.

But what if Intel’s high-end graphics cards, like the A770Are they also limited? Thus, we would be talking about a graph that is literally 4 times higher than the A380where an overclock as beneficial as the one commented would place it quite high on the list.

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