That Intel drivers are too green was highlighted with the Intel Arc A350Mand it is that although its performance was found to be very restricted, to which were added performance problems in games, it has now been revealed that the performance of the graphics is limited by Intel Dynamic Tuning Technologywhich, interestingly, should improve GPU performance.

Intel Arc A350M without TNT in Overwatch

Dynamic Tuning technology is Intel’s counterpart to technologies such as AMD SmartShift or Nvidia Dynamic Boost, i.e. balancing the total consumption of hardware in a laptop. If, for example, the CPU is used very little in a game, the energy it stops consuming is used to boost the GPU and improve its performance, but apparently this technology is completely broken in Intel software, and c ‘is during its deactivation we can see how some games double their performance and even multiply the minimum FPS by ten that reaches the system.

This information is now known because the only laptop with this graph sold exclusively in South Koreaso for Intel itself it is detrimental not to have shipped laptops worldwide because the more its GPU is revised the more defects there will be for its fix before it is commercially available for the masses.

via: video cardz