Intel still does not give more information about its family of Intel Arc GPUs for desktop computers. The countdown is nearly over, and except for an official delay announcement, the company has Until June 30 to announce and launch its graphics cards and graphics drivers, and a month before that happened, the company mistakenly listed a reference on its website confirming that the most basic line of GPUs, the Intel Arc A3It will also come to desktop computers.

Intel Arc A3 chips

Today is when the company changed the reference to GPUs on its official website. Intel Arc A3 for desktops, thus only leaving information regarding currently announced and released GPUs for laptops. Of course, the Intel Arc A3 would happen to OEM teams firsti.e. pre-assembled equipment, and it is stated that this version would be limited to the Chinese marketwhile the most interesting models: the Intel Arc A7 and Arc A5, would arrive this summer.

Regarding the most basic GPUs, we would have two models: Arc A310 and Arc A380both based on the ACM-G11 graphics chip with 1024 and 512 cores respectively, with 6 GB/4 GB of GDDR6 memory and a memory interface 96 and 64 bit.

Going through: @momomo_us