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Intel Announces Its Meteor Lake Processors Are Reaching “Power-On” Stage

During the financial results, Intel revealed new details about its planned future launch, meteor lakeindicating that the 14th generation of Intel Core processors had already reached the “Power-On” phase, which implies that the company can already begin production engineering units before a future mass launch, which is still scheduled for 2023.

Remember that processors meteor lake they would come up with a chiplet design with multiple matrices or “tiles” with different manufacturing processes. Concretely, it is indicated that the calculation tiles (the CPU and the logical cores) will be manufactured by Intel according to its manufacturing process. Intel 4formerly known as 7nm, but being comparable to TSMC’s 4nm, it was given that name.

“Intel 4 Meteor Lake has already started successfully on Windows, Chrome and Linux. The speed with which the team was able to reach this milestone is a significant sign of the health of Meteor Lake and our process technology. manufacturing.” Intel 4,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel.

meteor lake

As it concerns to the graphics chip tile Intel Xe, which will offer up to 192 threads (1536 cores), it is stated that they will use the manufacturing process of 3nm from TSMC (N3), while the SoC or I/O die in charge of connectivity (DDR5/LPDDR5, PCIe 5.0, USB 4.0, etc.) could use a more mature manufacturing process such as TSMC 4nm (4N), and even 5nm Nor are they excluded.

Intel Meteor Lake Processor

Remember that processors Intel Meteor Lake will offer all-new high-performance cores (P-Cores) dubbed redwood cove, which will continue to be accompanied by Gracemont cores to keep the hybrid design of having powerful cores and low power consumption cores depending on the tasks under the same package. In this case, the 24-core barrier could be broken who will impose raptor lake.

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