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Intel acquires Siru Innovations, a company founded by former AMD and Qualcomm engineers

Intel announced the acquisition of a new company, Siru Innovationsa Finnish company specializing in the development of software and silicon building blocks, known as IP, for GPUs made by other companies. The most curious thing about all this is that this graphics technology company was founded by former Qualcomm and AMD mobile GPU engineersincluding the former company, bitboys, was considered one of the leading desktop graphics companies in its time. The Siru team will join Intel’s fledgling accelerated graphics and computing systems group.

“Siru’s expertise in hardware architecture, software, modeling, and implementation will help Intel’s accelerated computing efforts in several high-growth areas, including buzzwords like blockchain and blockchain. metaverse,” said Balaji Kanigicherla, director of Intel’s custom computing group within Intel’s graphics business unit.

“Together we will push [la unidad de negocio de gráficos] and the Custom Computing Group’s focus on developing emerging custom silicon/platform solutions and accelerated computing solutions, in the areas of blockchain, metaverse, high-performance edge computing, and computing. ‘hyperscale, which represents a significant opportunity in the coming years’.

Intel x Siru Innovations

The acquisition comes at a time when Intel intends to challenge Nvidia and AMD become a major player in the field of dedicated graphics and accelerated computing. These efforts include new Intel Arc GPUs for consumer PCs, its upcoming Ponte Vecchio GPU for high-performance computing, and its upcoming Blockscale ASIC for efficient cryptocurrency mining.

“We are thrilled to add Siru Innovations to the Intel Graphics team. This talented group brings decades of experience developing IP and software graphics services that will help support our customers in MaaS/ADAS, gaming, hyperscale, etc. Welcome aboard!” Intel said on its official Twitter account.

On Siru’s website, the company claims to have a “in-depth understanding of infographics“, from high-level APIs like Microsoft’s DirectX and OpenGL to the very architecture of GPUs, and all with a mindset focused on “low consumption” thanks to the experience in the development of mobile GPUs for Qualcomm and AMD. The cost of the acquisition is unknown.

“We have in-depth knowledge of computer graphics, from high-level APIs (Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX…) to GPU architecture, down to the smallest implementation details of internal features. We designed, implemented and verified important architectural innovations in our customers’ GPUs found in off-the-shelf products,” the company says on its website.

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