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Intel acknowledges a crashing and memory leak problem in its processors

After a long time and as we were talking about a few days ago with Windows Antivirus, where we all more or less knew that it reduced the performance of processors, Intel now has to recognize a new error which fortunately already has a . The error is quite brief, but it can be quite annoying considering that it conditions the user to system crashes. It is only one of problems of the Drivers for the Intel GPUs.

To say Intel and pilots in 2022 is to knock directly on the doors of Mordor. Intel has never delayed a specific product due to a software issue in its history and less of this caliber but it has many reasons and now it is giving one more apart from the zero performance it has in its ARC graphics.

The Desktop Window Manager or DWM: no more problems in Intel GPU drivers


In case you don’t know, dwm.exe in Windows Task Manager is a critical system process that has caused problems for Microsoft everywhere. The fact that the CPU consumption is very high with this process is well known and although Redmond has worked hard, in the end it is a bit complicated to correct because, as we will see below, it is not only their liability as such.

And it is that it is the desktop window manager and therefore Intel, AMD and NVIDIA have a lot to say here. Without going any further, this very critical process of the Windows system takes care of describing the last problem of the blue team with its graphics cards, one more which is added to the long list that they must correct.

The problem is not in Windows as such, it is in the Intel driver and this is specified in a new error article on its website which you yourself may be suffering from right now.

Memory leaks and crashes due to Intel drivers


Here is how Intel verbatim describes the issues it has found:

Describes an issue where drivers newer than cause dwm.exe (Windows Desktop Manager) memory leak. dwm.exe Causes a memory leak with 6th Gen Intel processors through 10th Gen Intel processors. The memory usage of dwm.exe starts out low (~30MB), but builds up over time and can cause a system crash.

The most curious thing about all this is that the error only affects Windows 10 in its version of 64 bit, but not to any other Microsoft operating system. The solution is quite simple, since it suffices to install the drivers of our iGPU or GPU in DCH version from the or a later version published by the company.

There is only one but as such. If Windows Update distributes a different driver, this new one we download should be installed through a clean install, like after passing DDU. Otherwise, it might conflict and do more damage than solutions, because the solution to dwm.exe problems might not happen that way.

For more concrete, Intel is como loco por sacar drivers para antes del anzamiento de sus GPU ARC de scriptorio y ya tenemos 6 versions por encima de la commentada, así que simply tendermos qu’irigirnos à la section de descargas de Intel para descargar el último of them.

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