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Installs Malware: Consumer Protection Warns Of Nasty SMS Trick

Installs Dangerous Malware: Consumer Protection Warns Of Nasty SMS Trick

Consumer advocates are currently warning of a dangerous SMS scam that attackers use to install malware on the end devices of their victims. What you should now consider, we summarize here.

It’s Pretty Simple:

Mobile phone owners are usually asked to call their voice mail when a voice message is sent. However, according to the consumer protection portal “Watchlist Internet,” SMS messages are currently being sent that prompt user to click on a link with a message that they have just received a voice message.

Anyone who follows the link will be informed that an app must be downloaded because of the message format. However, mobile phone users are not allowed to do this under any circumstances, as it is malware.

Perfidious SMS Scam: These Dangers Are Looming

According to the report, nothing would happen if only the link were clicked. However, if you have downloaded the app, you should reset your device to the factory settings. Even if unsaved data is lost: this is the only way to remove the malware safely. Also, all passwords on the device should be changed.

To not let it get that far, you should be suspicious of messages from unknown numbers that contain a strange link. If the web address called up has nothing to do with your mobile phone provider, this is an alarm signal at the latest. The same applies when an app is to be downloaded, or data is to be entered.

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