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Improving your Diablo Immortal character to the maximum is around 102,000 euros

One of the reasons why immortal devil has reached mobile devices is to generate large sums of money thanks to loot boxes, and we now know that players can only access the best gear by entering the juicy pay-to-win business. This is because higher level legendary gems, which are used to improve the character, can only be obtained by paying. The funny thing is that players can’t buy these gems directly, they must first buy loot boxes and cross your fingers to get them, making it even more difficult (costlier) to fully upgrade your character.

According to an analysis carried out, fully upgrading the character would cost approximately $110,000 (102,500 euros).

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With PVP in Diablo Immortal, it’s no longer a Pay-To-Fast, it’s a Pay-To-Win

As explained in a Reddit thread, the amount of money needed to fully upgrade a character in Diablo Immortal could be even higher than expected, as there is a whole tier of upgrades that are only unlocked once the player manages to upgrade their 5-star gems to rank 10. It is estimated to cost up to $40,000 (37,200 euros) in loot boxes. If you don’t pay, per month, you could get 2 of these gems.

Once the player does this, it unlocks the Resonance Tables, which, although not yet reached, have been shown in screenshots and appear to imply that the player should repeat the process to upgrade their gems from 5 stars to rank 10 multiple times, adding other possible thousands of dollars to the equation, should the user choose to spend them.

These own Diablo Immortal loot boxes also had side effects, as the game was not released in the Netherlands or Belgium due to to the strict loot box laws of these regions, which are considered are comparable to betsand betting and a game for kids, it’s not like they can go hand in hand.

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