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if the United States imposes sanctions like Russia, we will recover TSMC

These last two weeks have been very intense in terms of material and geopolitics. Every time the two worlds intersect more, today we have a declarative cluster bomb that is wreaking havoc on NATO defense ministries. China goes straight to the threat if United States embarks on the application of sanctions like the ones he carried out with Russia and issues a very serious warning to Taiwan… and to TSMC.

Has been Chen Wenlingthe chief economist of the Center for International Economic Exchanges of China, which issues a warning that shakes the whole world and logically has as its protagonist TSMCHow could it be otherwise.

USA vs China, the war that could come for TSMC and Taiwan


The statements are very clear and sound directly threatening:

“If the United States and the West impose destructive sanctions on China like the sanctions on Russia, we must take back Taiwan. Especially in the reconstruction of the industrial chain and the supply chain, we should take over TSMC“.

Logically, this is a statement of intent hidden behind a threat and a warning that has a lot to do with what Taiwan and TSMC are doing with their partners. And it is that China is aware of all the movements, especially Chen, who does not release a puppet with a head:

“They [TSMC] they are accelerating the transfer of resources to the United States to build six factories there,” Chen said. “We must not let all the objectives of this transfer be achieved.

If we take into account that currently TSMC has almost the 55% of the global chip market under his arm, it is normal that China wants to mark its territory, where the problem comes from the war of Mao with this island which causes so many problems at the geopolitical level.

The United States has already announced its intentions with Taiwan


Americans protected by NATO and their allies are not left out and just before these statements by Chen, President Biden slipped that if China attacked Taiwan they would even respond militarily. To this must be added the statements of Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, who said that Taiwan was not a stable place and that Beijing was sending 27 fighter planes in the region, where the Taiwan Defense ID could attest to this.

The problem is so deep that Taiwan is pulling its companies and factories out of its territory, where the EU is fighting to take over one of their Chip FAB so that they don’t all end up in the United States, which will cost part of the budget of EU Flea Law.

Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea are stepping up military maneuvers with the United States, while Taiwan has said it will spend a significant portion of its annual budget on developing and buying weapons from Americans. When the entire planet is armed to the teeth, when there is open war, food crisis, energy crisis, shortage, we are perhaps not far from a world war three where, as we always say, the tokens are the excuseoil and gas money change and natural resources are playground that everyone wants.

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