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Huawei investigated for having its technology near American missiles

When we talk about military weapons in one country, there is always the fear that they will be discovered by other countries. It happened in United Stateswho accused huawei of spying for a long time. Now the Joe Biden administration has proceeded to to research quietly to Huawei, as they believe that cell towers equipped with their Material they spy on them missile silos the United States.

Huawei espionage accusations have been in the news for some time, especially since the arrival of the 5G technology. This issue was the subject of controversy when it was speculated that Huawei was leaking information to the Chinese government through its mobile devices. Moreover, it has already been previously billed by the United States, alluding to the fact that he stole the intellectual property of several technology companies. Now, however, it is believed that this time he is spying on US military sites.

Huawei is believed to be getting information from US missile silos

CIA Hellfire R9X Missile 740x493 0

Before saying that the United States government was investigating Huawei in this case, what we did not mention is that they have been doing so since April 2021. This means that the United States government is accusing Huawei of crimes of abuse for 4 years. . cyber espionage, Has stolen of technology, of confidential information and a long list of charges. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Huawei continues to be associated with espionage and China.

This notably started by asking Huawei for information on the company’s policy on data exchange with foreign countries. And it’s that they assume their devices can get call information, posts and even data geolocation. This has raised serious concerns given that cell towers containing Huawei hardware are close to the military bases Americans.

Brendan Carran FCC commissioner, said the towers in question are located around the base of the Malmström Air Force of Montana, which oversees US missile silos. Furthermore, he adds that the silos of intercontinental ballistic missiles of Nebraska and Wyoming they are also next to cell towers powered by Huawei.

“There is a real concern that some of this technology could be used as an early warning system if there were to be, God forbid, an attack with ICBMsBrendan Carr told Reuters.

The United States has repeatedly accused Huawei of spying

United States Huawei Accusation 5G Espionage

U.S. sanctions on Chinese tech giant dragged down 28.6% of Huawei’s revenue in 2021 and the trend continues. In addition, other countries have joined the blocking and restriction the use of Huawei networks and technology, such as Australia Yes New Zealand. The latter were totally opposed to the use of the 5G network with Huawei equipment in their territories.

We could go on and on with a long list of sanctions, charges, fines and political fights, but back to the topic of the news. And it is only a program of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formalized in 2021, offered US telecommunications companies a repayment to remove and replace Chinese hardware. Now it has been revealed that this program has a $3 billion deficit due to excessive demands.

Due to this shortfall, a telecommunications provider of Nebraska (one of the places with missiles) refuses to withdraw and replace your devices with Huawei technology. On the other hand, crystal rhodescommissioner of the Nebraska telecommunications regulator, warned the media of the risk of the situation.

“An enemy state could potentially see when things are online, when they’re offline, the level of security, how many people are on guard in a given building where there are really dangerous and sophisticated weapons,” Rhoades said.

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