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Hogwarts Legacy delayed to 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Hogwarts Legacy, the long-awaited video game based on the Harry Potter universe, has just announced what has already become a custom in the industry: the game is delayed. Launch scheduled for winter 2022 and hoping to be a success in sales during the Christmas period, we can forget this date. So the new release date of Hogwarts Legacy it will be for 2023having to wait a few more months.

Warner Bros. thus hopes to have more time to develop a confirmed game since end of 2022. Based on the acclaimed and popular world of Harry Potter and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwartsthe company quickly generated a large amount of infatuation giving a release date for this year while offering a fair amount of videos showing her gameplay and what the game itself would look like. While all of this indicated that the game was in one of the final stages of production, that ultimately wasn’t the case, as the studio announced that the release date was officially pushed back to early next year.

Hogwarts Legacy will arrive on February 10, 2023 and the Switch version does not yet have a date

This comes from the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account where the official release date was announced, because before we only had an estimate for christmas 2022. Therefore, the game developers, Avalanche Studioswith your distributor Portkey Gamesapologized for the delay in releasing the game based on the JK Rowling’s universe. They claim that this move was very necessary as the team needed more time for development. Thus, they can ensure that the best possible gaming experience will be offered. With that, any opinion that the game seemed finished and polished goes away, as we have to wait a bit longer until it hits the market.

However, the delay is not very long, since we only have to wait 2 months compared to the previous date. Even so, it’s understandable that many fans have caused a stir on social media, as this type of news is generally not appreciated. Being positive, we end up with a official release date of Hogwarts Legacy, marking the February 10, 2023 like the day it will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC consoles.

About the players To change, they will also be able to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy, but they will have to wait for something else. And it is that the developers have warned that they will give a Date for nintendo console early.

Hogwarts Legacy will likely come to Switch with a major graphics upgrade

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Downgrade

The Nintendo Switch is a console which, although it does not have Material very powerful, it now offers fairly decent graphic quality. Considering you have a NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC customized and released in 2017, it is surprising to see that some triple AAA games they come like ports a to change. We have, for example, the case of The Witcher 3, that even though it has quite a few years behind it, it still looks great. However, its port to Switch, like those of wolfenstein and other games, have a visual aspect much more degraded than its original version, the price to pay to force an exit.

We are therefore faced with cases of graphic downgradewhere the graphs are lowered to the minimum possible until they are at least able to pass to 30fps. Knowing the remarkable graphical quality of Hogwarts Legacy on PC and next-gen consoles, it is quite striking that it is reaching the Nintendo Switch and, in fact, they are going to reveal its release date in the next few weeks, because in this case they will require additional time to find the balance between acceptable visual quality and 30 FPS.

This is where we could think of other options, such as run this game from the cloud, something the Nintendo Switch can do without any problems with its hardware. But in the latter case, it would be a pretty clumsy solution to be able to play a next-gen game on the Switch, since the only way to play it is connected to a strong WiFi connection. We’ll have to see if a Hogwarts Legacy console release date is revealed anytime soon and wait for some gameplay on that to see the outcome.

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