thermal law announced its new high-end air-cooled CPU cooler, the Ultra 120EX REV.4which arrives with a generous black or white aluminum radiator crossed by a configuration of six 6mm copper heat pipes thick attached to a copper base. This radiator consists of 52 aluminum fins 0.4mm thick and 1.6mm gap.

Thermalright Ultra 120EX REV

This radiator is cooled by means of a configuration of dual fan generate a Push & Pull solution to provide further temperature improvement. These fans offer a PWM design of 120mm capable of rotating at a maximum frequency of 2150RPM generate a current of air 69CFM and a static pressure of 2.87mmH2O with a sound volume of 28.1 dBA. The radiator has dimensions of 132 x 64 x 157 mm in height with a weight of 660 grams, to which must be added a weight of 205 grams of the fans.

The information of the Thermalright Ultra 120EX REV.4 is completed by its compatibility with the processorAMD AM5 and AM4 and Intel LGA 1700, LGA1200, LGA20XX and LGA115X, is accompanied by a syringe with thermal paste, and which reaches a recommended price of 85 eurosa price where it fights with the best air cooling solutions on the market, so it will not be easy at all.

Thermalright Ultra 120EX REV - White

via: Thermalright