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High Airflow Chassis Fans

Akasha announced his new family of fans Alucia SCwhich come in sizes from 120mm (CS12) and 140mm (CS14), and which are designed to improve the air circulation in the system, and all this without any RGB LED lighting, but with an elegant design, where the frame is black, while the fan blades and the pad rubber, which avoids any discomfort related to vibrations. being transferred to the chassis, comes in a navy blue color.

The Alucia SC12 rotates between the 500 and 2000 rpm generate a current of air up to 56.3CFM with a volume of 33.1 dBA, while the Alucia SC14 operates between lat 600 and 1800 rpm Generate up to 84.3CFM with a sound volume of 38.5 dBA. The company does not indicate the static pressure at any time, so it specifies that its use must be used in the chassis to improve the flow of cool air into the system and the expulsion of hot air.

Akasa Alucia SC12 and SC14

fan information Akasa Alucia SC is supplemented by a shelf life of at least 40,000 hours of use before presenting a problem, and a suggested price of €13.50 for the 120 mm model vs. €13.95 which costs the 140mm, so they’re not terribly cheap either.

These Alucia SC fans are made of a sturdy reinforced plastic frame with ocean blue blades. A premium metal Akasa badge completes the premium look and feel.

Padded material has been attached to the corners of the frame to dampen vibration and noise, which, combined with the reinforced frame, makes the fan a powerful and quiet force. Coupled with PWM control, fan speed can be kept to a minimum when under light loads, essentially enabling quiet yet powerful functionality. The overall effect allows Alucia SC fans to maintain cool airflow over your PC’s heat-sensitive components.

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