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Hideo Kojima accused of murdering Shinzo Abe, his studio does not tolerate it

Last Friday, the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, occurred during a shooting during an election act in the middle of the street. He died at the age of 67, and soon after, the murderer named Tatsuya was arrested. However, a post has gone viral on 4chan falsely accusing Hideo Kojima be the assassin of Shinzo Abesomething that infuriated his study Kojima Productionswho will undertake legal actions.

the father of the saga solid metal gearHideo Kojima has been falsely accused of being the assassin of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It all happened when a post on 4chan It went viral and in it he compared Hideo’s face with that of the current perpetrator, Tatsuya Yamagami. Tatsuya, who was a 41-year-old unemployed ex-soldier, was the one who killed Abe during his speech in a political campaign, but on the Internet the story is not the same. It pissed off the company Kojima Productions who jumped to the defense on Twitter.

Kojima Productions will take legal action against the false accusation against Hideo Kojima

Thus, Kojima Productions condemns the broadcasting of fake news and rumors regarding Hideo Kojima as the author of Shinzo Abe’s crime. He further adds that will take legal action in some cases as this situation persists. And it is that, there have been a good number of sites, websites or even media that have falsely accused Hideo Kojima of the crime.

Hideo Kojima falsely accused 4Chan

Here we have the post that went viral on 4chan, where they use a cutout of Hideo Kojima’s face and link him to Shinzo Abe’s current killer. as perpetrator he has a mask, we don’t see his facial features, but the hair looks alike and he also wears glasses. Even so, we are talking about one of the websites with the highest number of trolls and fake posts that seek to create humor and memes.

French far-right politician guilty of Hideo Kojima

On the other hand, another important cause of repercussions was a tweet from Damien Rieua far-right French politicianwho retweeted from his account several images of Hideo Kojima with a russian ushankaa T-shirt jokera bag of Che Guevara and even posing in a painting of the communist revolutionary. However, this is a screenshot, as the tweet was erased a few hours later, creating a new one where the politician asked excuses Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid fans.

The confusion of Hideo Kojima as the murderer of Shinzo Abe has reached the media

Hideo Kojima appears as the possible killer of Shinzo Abe Greek TV

However, it was already too late, as these images were used in Greek and Iranian media. For example, there was a Greek news channel who used these same photographs of Hideo Kojima and confused him with the author of the murder of Shinzo Abe. On the other hand, a iranian newspaper used those same images to cover up the case, again falsely accusing the creator of Metal Gear Solid.

Fortunately, the media in both countries have corrected the news and have already used the correct images. If we can learn anything from all of this, it’s that there was a great lack of empathy both for the bereavement case What’s going on Japanabout the reputation of Hideo Kojima and his team.

And it is that, knowing in advance the face, name and details of the real murderer, these messages and publications have only created more misinformation about him. Hopefully none of this gets in the way of the development of a future Death Stranding 2 Where overdosethe company’s supposed future horror game.

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