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Here’s how you can tell if an Alder Lake processor has AVX512 without touching it

The controversy with Intel processors and the reversals of the brand when it comes to removing or putting their AVX512 instructions is not over. It turns out that there is a very easy and simple way to find out if a processor under the alder lake architecture have these instructions AVX512 activated or, on the contrary, they have already been captured by the brand, in addition to visually just by seeing the processor. How can we distinguish it?

A little memory on this subject never hurts to situate oneself, so we will briefly review everything that happened. First, Intel launched Alder Lake as an architecture announcing AVX512 instructions in its P-Core, but later and due to temperature issues and arguing other trifles disabled these instructions physically in processors that came out of their FABs, but…

Many Alder Lake processors are still sold with AVX512

The story continues when manufacturers decided to enable these instructions through the BIOS for processors that included them, which Intel didn’t like, so it sped up the process of physical change in the days and March of this year he no longer came out or any of his fabs. Logically, the most knowledgeable of the details of this specific component, the overclockers, have achieved a minimum detail that makes it easier to know if a CPU has or does not have AVX512 enabled:


It seems that almost all Alder Lake 2022 batch processors have AVX-512 disabled, so it’s best to look for a 2021 processor. Luckily for us, Intel left a mark on whether the processor supports AVX-512 or not. IHS. Each CPU that has a mark of halo/circle above the word Intel in the IHS will have AVX-512 compatibilityand all processors with a rectangle/square mark on the IHS will have it disabled.

So at least with Pentiums and other low end models, we can just go to a store and look at the processor’s IHS from the little window on the box and figure out if it has AVX-512 or not.

The square Intel symbol is not a fake


This is something we had seen on Chinese sites and always made us suspicious, because it seems so obvious that the logo is the same for everyone that many users have not chosen their processors for fear of a possible scam. Let us remember that in the vast majority of stores in this country the components are cheaper, so half of the world looks in their stores to see if they ship to different countries, with what freight and whether or not they go through the treasure.

But no, Alder Lake processors with a square for a logo they are not fake, they just don’t have the AVX512 instructions enabled and seeing what we’ve seen is the norm today, the rare thing is to find the typical brand logo on them. Remember that the change of the said logo took place in 2020 and currently we can see it both in the boxes and in the rest of its products and stickers.

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