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Here’s how the ARC A730M vs RTX 3060M GPU performed in games

We finally have the first comparative tests and performance an Intel laptop GPU ARC A730M and while it’s not a desktop version, it’s the closest thing we have right now. Interestingly, it’s possible Intel was telling the truth when it said they were having serious issues with their drivers, as the leak reveals there’s power to be squeezed, but, on the contrary, performance are very inconsistent and there are still various problems.

Intel has finally supported its ARC A730M GPU, which is already hitting the market, with a dropper, but can finally be seen in some parts of the world. The latest driver allows us to see the performance of this GPU compared to the NVIDIA RTX-3060M under the same processor, so the spades are all high, who wins?

Inconsistent ARC A730M performance


Despite the latest drivers, this new GPU leaves some hope and some uncertainty. Both rivals were tested with a i7-12700H and although we know that the ARC A730M has been tested in its configuration of 120 wattthe RTX 3060M had no data in this regard.

The data is offered in several driver versions, with quite diverse results as you can see. There is also a vertical bar comparison chart showing the percentage difference between the two graphics cards, which is easier to see at a glance. The curious thing about this data is that synthetic essays Intel manages to be on par with or above its rival but it is to reach the gaming section and it fails to maintain that distance but in some cases it loses a lot.

The inconsistency gets to such a point that it’s really hard to draw any conclusions beyond the fact that the driver seems to be a key part of this problem, as Intel states. The thing is, a driver is a constantly evolving piece of the puzzle that requires even more resources than hardware.

Added issues that slow these Intel ARC graphics cards

ARC A730M-vs-RTX3060 Performance

Reviewers also report something really curious about performance that has nothing to do with the performance of this graphics card. And it is that although it would have been the expected one, it would not be worth much to us, since various errors are reported in the games that leave them hanging, where in addition some cannot even be started, regardless how hard they try on various gaming platforms.

This is logically a deeper issue if possible and it shows that these drivers are in too beta phase, surely more than Intel would like to admit. But if so, why do they present them if they were so far from talking about a correct operation? It seems that users who bet that the ARC series was a paper version were not wrong.

In the meantime, we can only wait for Intel to fix the problems and wait for the architecture to show its full potential, which seems to have it according to the data of a suite as neutral as 3DMark, because if the performance is similar to this is shown there This GPU can be the bomb for laptops if the price is adjusted.

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