GLACIAL announced the launch of its new CPU cooling system Calm Rev. 5as the name suggests, will give you great peace of mind when it comes to cooling the CPU, and although its aluminum heatsink is very compact, thus promising full compatibility with any memory module by not obstructing any DIMM slot, it is crossed by none other than four 6mm thick copper heat pipes with direct contact with the CPU to maximize heat transfer from the CPU case to the aluminum fins with a black finish.

This is where these fins are cooled by means of a “Silent Fan” of 120mm which operates between 700 and 1600 RPM generating an airflow of up to 65.5CFM with a static pressure of 1.47mmH2O with a maximum sound intensity of 26.5dBA.

GELID Tranquillo Rev.5

The information of the GELID Tranquillo Rev. 5 complete with CPU support Intel LGA1700, LGA20XX, LGA115X, LGA1366 and amd AM4, AMx(+) and FMx(+) with a TDP of up to 150W. It is accompanied by a syringe with its thermal paste GC-PROunfortunately it does not include additional anchors in case you want to create a Push&Pull configuration with two fans, it only weighs 491 gramsand is on sale at the recommended price of €33.95which isn’t bad considering that it’s also backed by 5 year warranty.