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Halo Infinite players download nearly 1GB of data per game

Very recently we learned that Sony had finally acquired Bungie Studiosthe creators of Halo. However, the game franchise is no longer developed by them and its latest installment was developed by 343 business sectors. This is infinite halowhich poses a curious problem in its multiplayer modewhere the game emphasizes the internet connection of the users, who can experience downloads up to 900MB of data per game.

In this way, Halo Infinite’s online mode is causing problems for a large number of users, especially affecting those with limited internet connections. Apparently when you enter multiplayer and enter a Departurethe downloaded game hundreds of MBwhich caused the triggering of the alarms of the players, since it accumulates after each game carried out exceeding the data limit which they contracted.

The problem appears on both Xbox and PC: +1 GB downloaded after 2 games

twitter user, NicmeistaRwas the first to realize this, noting that downloads were actually happening in every game he played, downloading between 305 MB and 900 MB. In fact, he showed a take where he got to more than 1 GB of data play only two games to Halo Infinite. Thus, it ensures that a total of 1.4 GB of data was downloaded in this specific case, a scandal knowing that there are users with Internet speeds that barely have a few tens or hundreds of GB per month. In such cases, playing a few hours a day in multiplayer mode could reach the data limit after the downloads made by the game.

In fact, there have already been users complaining about it. One said that Halo Infinite has become unplayable for many people because they can’t afford data consumption which are downloaded. We are talking about a somewhat ironic situation, since Halo Infinite has free multiplayer which, at the same time, can end up costing those involved a lot of money. For this reason, many users have requested that they fix the issue and 343 Industries, the developer team, has already given a Date.

Halo Infinite Team Says August Update Will Fix Issue

Halo Infinite Update August Drop Pod

Halo Infinite studio has announced that it is investigating download reports of additional data in the game. You also promised an improvement for this issue in the next repository module upgrade of August. According to cause of this problem, it is not yet known with certainty but, it is rumored that the game tries record game replays. Others deny this and claim that the massive data download occurs within minutes of starting the game, dismissing the previous argument.

Additionally, Halo Infinite multiplayer has issues other than downloading data, such as “out of sync”. And that’s it, the game has synchronization problems between client and servers, preventing melee attacks from registering properly. Even so, it looks like 343 Industries is betting it all for August, because with the downloads fix, a supposed cooperative mode. This, in principle, would be intended for the end of august and would allow you to play together in campaign mode.

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