GRAID Technology announced the launch of the world’s fastest SSD, the SupremeRAID SR-1010well, it’s easy, since it looks more like a graphics card than an SSD, and that’s because it takes advantage of the interface PCI Express 4.0 x16 for adding multiple NVMe PCIe 1.4 storage drives to a PCB in a RAID configuration for blazing data transfer speeds. Added to this is that inside there is an Ampère graphics chip from an Nvidia A2000 to improve its performance, which adds computing power and frees the CPU from processing I/O load when is used as a controller.

As revealed by the company, this drive can reach sequential write speeds of up to 110,000 MB/s (110 GB/s), while write speed drops dramatically up to 22,000 MB/s (22 GB/s). When it comes to 4K shuffle, we’re talking performance of up to 19,000,000 IOPSwhile the writing will be up 1,500,000 IOPS.

GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010

As we mentioned, the GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010 It looks like a GPU, and that’s because it takes up no less than two PCI expansion slotsis cooled by a blowing fan to force all airflow past the SSD storage drives and out of the chassis, supports up to 32 NVMe SSD storage drives, supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 configurations, consumes up to 70W of power, and if you want it to fall behind the price, just wait a few days, as it is expected to hit the market on May 1st.

via: StorageReview