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GPU shipments fell 19% in Q1 22 compared to Q1 21

Unsurprisingly between the two, the market analyst Research Jon Peddie revealed that during the first quarter of the year, the first quarter of 2022, PC graphics card shipments fell 19% compared to the same period last year (Q1 2021), while compared to Q4 2021, there were a decrease of 6.2%. Speaking in whole numbers, it is stated that in the last quarter they sent 96 million graphics cards.

The “blame” for this reduction in shipments is due to the problems that China has had with COVID-19 this year, the war in Ukraine and although they do not say it directly, the veto imposed on Russia, a country that does not receive material from No company.

Although it is more than obvious that the end of ethereum mining with GPUs has a lot to do, not to mention the high prices that GPUs have had over the past two years (and still have), slowing player demand, and more with next-gen consoles that for less than the cost of a mid-range GPU, you get a complete system to play, which is also more powerful.

AMD, Nvidia and Intel GPUs

Nvidia was the only one to increase the shipping of its GPUs3.2% to be exact, while those of AMD and Intel have reduced their deliveries 6.2% and 8.7% respectively compared to the last quarter. If we talk about market shares, it is reported that Nvidia owns 60% (-2% vs Q4 21), AMD owns 21% (+2%) while Intel retains 19%. The offer strategy closer to those recommended by AMD helped it to increase its sales.

On the other hand, the market for CPUs for consumer computers fell 10.8% compared to Q4 2021, while compared to Q1 2021 the drop was 26.2%, which clearly shows that many users are waiting for a big generational leap like the AMD Ryzen 7000 or the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake. Tablets were down 16.5% from the previous quarter.

The first trimester is usually flat or descending compared to the previous one. This quarter saw GPU shipments decline -6.2% from the prior quarter, which is above the 10-year average of -10.2%. GPUs have traditionally been a leading indicator of the market, as the GPU is integrated into the system before vendors ship the PC. Most semiconductor vendors are pointing their sales up for the next quarter, averaging 1.99%. In the last quarter, the forecast was -0.4%, which was too high.

The whirlwind of influences at play includes macroeconomic upheavals in Europe and North America as COVID comes and goes alongside evolving lockdown strategies. COVID’s return to work and return to offices is also a bit of an ongoing disruption, with each country negotiating change that no one seems to like. China has gone its own way in dealing with COVID, which continues to affect the availability of goods and components. And now it’s war. Russia’s attack on Ukraine multiplies the effects of COVID, especially inflation and food insecurity.

“Consumers are cautious despite the introduction of new products from AMD, Intel and Nvidia in the second half. Therefore, our guidance for the year is a modest 2-3% for GPUs,” said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research.

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