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GPU prices plunge at the same rate as cryptocurrencies

Save yourself, who can! Miners, resellers, stores and even GPU manufacturers are already suffering the consequences of the collapse in the value of cryptocurrenciesand that means more and more GPUs are flooding second-hand sales sites and forums with increasingly aggressive prices.

For sale, they are even trying to sell the mining rigs full. And there are even people who sells GPU cases with their accessories so they can sell their graphics at a better price.

Mining RIG for sale due to falling cryptocurrency and GPU prices
Mining rig with 8x GeForce RTX 3070 Ti; 1x RTX 3080 and 2x Radeon RX 6600 for sale

With the value of cryptocurrencies on the ground, many fronts are open: GPUs for mining are not sold and prices are reduced in an attempt to attract the main customer, the gamer. This fall in the price of cryptos also makes it unprofitable to mine cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, so it’s time to close the bar and start selling the GPUs now that they can sell them at “good prices“to recoup the investment as much as possible, but when the second-hand market begins to flood, prices become more aggressive to try and sell off the GPUs before they continue to drop in price as more vendors come in.

To give us an idea, “magically“, stores reduced, on average, the price of their GPUs up to 21% from June 1 to 15, which clearly shows that prices have been inflated to continue to profit from an unreal situation. That’s when we come back in October 2021 and remind you of the article: TSMC: “Some companies are artificially causing chip shortages”. Where an artificial scarcity was the perfect plan to make as much money as possible after the problems with COVID-19 and the mining bubble.

If you are considering buying a GPU, don’t buy anythingand it is that if the same thing happens as in 2018, the prices of the charts will be at their lowest, remembering that at that time at Carrefour itself approached us to sell their GPUs, selling Radeon RX 570 graphics cards for 135 euros, the same price they ask today, four years later, but used.

As an example, you can already see second-hand GeForce RTX 3080 graphics hovering around the 650 euros, while in stores, the cheapest, are around 850 euros. The more GeForce RTX 3080s for sale, the more competition there is, so you will only be able to sell your GPU to the one that asks for the least amount of money, so don’t be surprised to see RTX 3080 graphics around 500 euros shortly when the “Whales“start selling all the mining equipment.

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